What do YOU expect from bike weeks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by beattheswiss, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Just a curious question: What do you guys expect to find at bike weeks :?:
  2. Sexy girls scantily clad in leather.
  3. The latest model on all makes of bikes
    All the aftermarket products available
    Many styles of different bikes from the patrons
    Cold Beer & good food & a good time
    Wet Tshirt competition @ Miss bikeshow beauty queen
    Motorbike stunt riding show
    Exhibitors on engine & bike modifications - chromers, spraypainters etc
  4. All of the above, even though the latest models of bikes and other stuff could be found elsewhere.
    Personally I'm looking for the unusual, for new ideas that someone already built into steel on wheels. For example, one of my ideas was to stuff a 1L Diesel engine you see in boats or farm vehicles into a frame - then I saw it at a motorcycle meet! Or check out this bike with an unbelievable front end:


    Here's the Diesel bike, absolute cool styling, must have been a hell of a job:

  5. Me I go for the ride and visiting other riders. Kind of fun to see the cute girls. Not much for the parties themselves. I enjoyed the booths at the Chaing Mia bike week this year. Really enjoyed getting chance to eat some good Mexican food. The things I don't normally find in Udon. Even enjoyed a trip to Burger King :lol:

    I also like seeing the latest goodies that are avialble, But, I'm a stick in the mud hardly ever drink.
  6. Im just looking for desent xxxL-size Cloves :oops:
  7. Of course as mentioned all of th eabove..but being new to circle here in BKK nice to put the names to faces from here and other sites....
  8. A great party, see some nice bikes, and meet other clubs.
  9. The ride there must be fun, relax then enjoy the ride home .
  10. Thanks for all your input, dudes. Let me sum this up. The perfect biker party consists of the following:
    • - tons of practically naked gals with huge boobs in pageants and wet t-shirt contests
      - exotic bike creations
      - aftermarket accessories and gear
      - new bike models
      - ice cold beer
      - cheap, yummy food
      - stunt riding shows
      oh, and did I mention super sexxxy chicks?? :wink:
    I left the "uncontrollable factors" out, e.g. a great ride to and fro, or meeting other bikers. Obviously those are a given, and every participant has a direct influence on them.

    Why didn't anyone mention rock music?

    One other factor that I consider important is the proximity of affordable accommodation. Many of us don't drink when we ride. Yet hardly anyone will drink coke at biker parties...
    :arrow: How important is this for you??
  11. Beat
    How about Coce zero Rocks

    you are right abt accomodaton as many of us sleep's as well.

    also what is not mentioned is really nice relaxed massage after hard days riding, i tent to take one now and then, with massage, i mean "real" massage, with NOT nesessary ending with so called "Happy ending" :twisted:
  12. Hot and available coyote girls ;)

    Plus the usual biking shenanigans :)
  13. Thanks Marco, I take note that you want to volunteer as Designated Driver (no dropping off buddies at the wrong guesthouses though!!). :D

    Max, how in particular do you prefer to be deceived? Is there a connection between your coyote girls and shenanigans??
  14. Sorry you bettre leave the designated driver to me. there are times that Marco needs one himself. But, on the other hand I have spent my life lost. So a guest house yes right one who knows :wink: .

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