What do you think about this Route? Could need your help :)

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  1. Hey Guys,

    we are planning to do a bike tour through the north of Thailand and we could need some tipps from the more experienced riders here. Please excuse my bad english skills. I hope you will understand, what our plan is. First of all: we are searching for the most scenic routes through hills and nature in the north of Thailand. We are planning to ride for 5 - 6 days on honda wave bikes 125cc or similiar.

    Please find our rough tour schedule:

    As you can see, we would like to start in Chiang Rai. Here are some questions we have:

    - can you recommend a good bike rental shop in chiang rai, which rents good helmets and honda waves 125 or similiar? we need 8 - 10 bikes...
    - what do you think about our route? can we ride it in 5 days, without having too much hurry?
    - where should we sleep, which accomodations can you recommend in the lowbudget section? where should we stay overnight?
    - do you know nice spots and which are the most scenerary areas? Which caves, waterfalls and view points can you recommend on this route?
    - would you change our route? to nicer routes, more sceneric places etc.?

    Completly different question:
    We are staying in Mae Sot right now. Do you think it is better to start here an make a trip along the burmese border?

    Thank you so much for any answer.
  2. Yuour best bet would be to rent from Chiang Mai. Start & finish there. All your options are open.
    Check out this trip planning outline on GTR for more ideas

  3. Hey Marcel,

    thanks for that! But i can´t find the PM "Button". Our plans changed, we will arrive in Chiang Rai on the 3rd february und we would like to start our tour on th 4th. We are 3 people, so we would need 3 good scooters with enough power like the honda wave 125 and 3 good helmets.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  4. Oh and and more question: Do you think we could start in the morning on the 4th of february, make the tour, bring the bikes back to chiang rai on the 7th february in the evening? That means we only have 4 days to make the tour... I need to get the bus to chiang mai airport next day until 14:00h :)
  5. Hey Marcel, thanks for that! I will meet my friends at the 3rd in Chiang Rai and i will discuss that with them. I think they are interested to rent a full automatik honda pcx. I think for myself i will be happy to rent just a normal semi-automatik honda wave or similiar...

    How can we reach you?


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