What documents do you have to carry?

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  1. I haven't seen this covered here, does anyone know what is mandatory to carry with you for your vehicle. Is a copy of the green/blue book enough along with the paper half of your tax paper, posting the tax stamp on your bike/cage, and insurance all you need or is the actual green/blue book required as well. Thanks for your input!
  2. Also keep a copy of my 1st / 2nd class insurance depending on bike. Plus contact numbers..
    Not compulsory to do so. If you have a problem.. You will need to call and show the paper work when they turn up.

    Strongly recommend more than the minimum Thai gov't insurance.. Bail bond / third party damage etc
    They sort it all out for you if you have issues.

  3. I carry a colour photocopy of my passport, drivers licences, health insurance, & biz card on one side of a laminated sheet of A4, folded up in my wallet.
    On the reverse side is a copy of the bike rego.
    Works every time & you can use it for checking into hotels, post office & banks or anywhere you need to produce your ID.

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