What is your dreambike ??

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  1. List here the one bike you would like to have the most.
    It does not matter where you are or what the availability/marketsituation etc. is, also all import/platecrap is irrelevant.
    It would be only interesting to see what all of us guys want compared to what all of us actually have.
    Also interesting to work out the different groups such as:
    sportbike, roadbike, tourer, cruiser, naked, supermotard, enduro, dirtbike, scooter

    So let me start with mine:
    Moto Guzzi GRISO 8V

    Cheers, Franz
  2. Nice Bike Franz..... it is really not easy to say which is just one dream bike because there is a variety of Bikes that i do like. But one of my favorite Bikes would be the Horex VR6 roadster



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  3. A bike I can only dream of - because I can't get it in LOS - would be the 'new and improved' 2012 V-Strom 650. Perfect for touring Thailand and neighboring countries.
    That would be a bike out of the box; what I am dreaming about most is a project bike, a small, peppy motard for everyday around town use. It would be an XR250L with 17" wheels, street rubber and the 30hp VTR250 engine; or a VTR250 with XR suspension.

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  4. Honda Gold Wing. Had I stayed in UK instead of moving here, my intention was one more Honda Pan European STX 1300 then to "retire" on to a Gold Wing. Far too big & heavy for Thailand in my opinion so not practical but I guess that would be my dream bike.
  5. sorry chaps............. I already own my dream bike.... :)
    Can't imagine, nor ever seen, anything better for me.

  6. I like Guzzis, but that one is too new, and personally I don't like the exhaust. This is my favorite, done by Ritmo Sereno in Japan - older, lighter, simpler, cooler:

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  7. Not wishing to pour cold water on the idea, but does dreaming of something one cannot have, lead to dissatisfaction with what one has. For me it actually has always been about the biking, rather than the bike. Since my first rides on a BSA C11G 250 cc single, I have always loved the feeling of freedom on 2 wheels. Since then always looked at what I could have and gone for it. Many many different bikes and each great in some way and each had some negative aspects, leading maybe to a better choice as finance and experience improved. I must be boring because I have never dreamed of anything out of my reach. (I talk about bikes here; may well have had a few out of reach dreams about some other things:wave:)
  8. For me it would be the superb Ducati F1 750 Laguna Seca of which only 2600 were built so they are fairly collectable.
    They handle great and are light,revy,plenty of torque and sound great.

  9. Lighter = better.

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  10. This is the bike I had on my bedroom wall when I was eleven and I still dream about owning one, 1981 Maico 490.

  11. ^ a mate back home races one of them in vintage motox,i agree a desirable machine.

    I watched De Coster,Robert,Weil,Klitland and all the others race in Oz in 1972 and somehow came away a Maico fan..
  12. I'm very happy with my current bike as it fits me like a glove, but I have many dream bikes too.At the moment I'm in love with this beauty: Ducati Sport 1000, right now for sale in Thailand for "just" 1.340.000Baht.
    Also on the list: Brough Superior 100SS; MV Agusta F3, Triumph Speed Triple, KTM Superduke

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  13. For me it would be this...

    Not ideal for SEA roads perhaps, but its just so.... Dreamy 8)

    For SEA i would go with this one..

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