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  1. My girlfriend and I are in Chiang Mai.. FINALLY! We want to go to Doi Inthanon National park, camp, do some hiking, but I know that its a bike park and pointless to try and walk through it. Our plan is that we will rent a bike in Chiang Mai, I will drive the bike to the park and My girlfriend will hire a taxi or something to take all our gear. (Its too heavy to trust on a bike.) Then we were going to use the campsites at the ranger station as our base and do all the differnt trails (Trekking etc) over the course of a couple of days. Would you suggest we get a dirt bike or are the roads good enough to just bring a little 150cc scooter? Any info would help. Thanks a lot.

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    for the road out to doi inthanon its about a 80km drag along a main highway so a scooter will do just fine, the tarmac runs all the way up doi inthanon and over the back to mae chaem. so to just get to the park then i would say a scooter, but if you wanted to do some off-roading once you were at the park at the numerous trails off and around then why not get a dirt bike...david's mae hong son map has plenty of dirt trails marked on it. good luck
  4. Thank you very much. We dont plan on doing much dirtbiking really.. does anyone know if most the roads through the park are paved or not? We would probably just ride to the heads of trekking trails and go from there on foot.
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    Sounds to me as if you first need to invest in a map.
  6. We ended up getting a map.. ha ha.

    Thank you guys so much for all the info. We went to Mr. Mechanic. Great bike, and they were very professional about things. (Even when I came back with a side mirror in my pocket instead of on the bike) It was a blast. Also.. on a side note.. does anyone know of I was to buy DVD's on the street here if they work on DVD players in North America?
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    Pleased you enjoyed yourself -
    AND finally got around to buying a map!
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    Sounds like a good Road & Trip Report coming...
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    Uncoded DVD's play. Region codes are usually not encoded on street DVD's rendering them Region "Zero"
    and playable anywhere. SE Asia is Region 3 on legit DVD's. North America is Region 1. Ask the vendor,
    sometimes they know, sometimes not. Many latest DVD's have a number 9 on the front label. This is not
    a region code but a HD disc (so called) and play in N.Amer. Good luck, I only rarely have a problem with
    a street DVD.

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