What kind of driver license is accepted in Laos?

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  1. Planning a trip in Laos next month but did forget one thing ...
    I do have a Dutch driverlicense and I do have a Thai driverlicense but I do not have any international driverlicense?

    Do I need a IDL in Laos or is the Thai DL accepted?
    If I need a IDL can I get an IDL in Thailand ?

    Chang Noi
  2. I've been told that the Thai DL is valid throughout ASEAN. Perhaps someone can confirm?
  3. I believe you are correct Tony.. When I go to Singapore I am licenced to drive the company car... no international licence. Laos and SGP licence are fine in Thai with out an international licence.

    In Lao you only need a car licence to drive / ride...

    Give the Embassy a call if you want to be sure,
  4. Hi Friends,

    I do confirm that the Thai Driving License for car and/or/or for bikes is valid in Asean. I already used it several times with no issue.

    Keep the power on !
  5. Thanks! So I will just not bother in getting a Thai IDL at the DLT.

    Chang Noi
  6. I was under the assumption you didn't need a licence to ride in laos.

    I plan on riding FROM Vietnam into Laos. I was under the impression I wouldn't necessarily need a licence for either country as I rode in Laos in '09 with no problems whatsoever... or was I just lucky in that I wasn't pulled up?

    Can anyone confirm?


    Not to worry. Dug up some of my old posts and I've had this question answered before. Looks like I'll be just getting an international licence before I leave. :)

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