What map to buy?

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  1. I'll be doing at least 2 weeks of riding in Laos this winter, but haven't a clue about what map will best serve me...a little help, please?
  2. Hate to admit it, but David Unkovich publishes a map of Laos that is pretty good. There is some info on the GT Rider site, and a second addition has been published.


    It is readily available in Northern Thailand and in Laos. You could order it from David, or e-mail him to find out who carries it in Laos.

  3. Yeah I hate admit it too, but that GT Rider Lao map is pretty damn good.
    Its even laminated with plastic to make it pretty much indestructible.

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  4. I've gotta agree. Davids map is the bees knees. It is the only map to use. You can buy it anywhere in vientiene or in Phnom Penh at Cafe California 2.

    It is accurate and easy to read...now if only he bought one out for Cambo......

    enjoy the ride,
  5. Watch it guys - if we keep this up, David will have to buy a larger helmet.

  6. Yes it seems to be the best, makes a great funnel for re fueling the beast, yes, Dave it was worth the extra 0.75 baht per map to get it plastic coated , I just wish Gecko would do the same with the Cambodian one, I have to buy a new one every time I need to refuel in the bush.(well maybe it was the red wine).
    Harri. XR650R
  7. I am currently on a 4-6 week mapping expedition with David in Laos. When we left Chiang Mai about 2 weeks ago guess who had to stop in the store and BUY the Laos map because he forgot his? (Give you a hint, it wasn't me!).

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  8. Yep I'll put my hands up for that one. I like to call it supporting the local economy & my map sellers. They also get a kick out of it - buying my own maps & some of the GT Rider get a chance to wind me up on the message board!
    Now when you catch up to me in Pakxe I'll need to borrow your Laos guide book to photocopy a couple of pages for new areas that I am a bit rusty on, as I've never been there before!

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  9. Speaking from first hand experience, David also needs to be reminded to drive on the right side of the road in Laos - especially after a few beers!!

  10. Keeping to the right side of the road tonight aint a problem in Pakxe, Bob.
    No cars, wide streets, so you've got plenty of room to manoeuvre to the "right" side.

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  11. Yeah, Pakse is a lot better to drive in since they finished the bypass around town.

    Be sure to check out the waterfall on the Mekong south of Pakse. It should be running pretty good this time of year.

    It is also the location of the only railroad track in Laos. The French built it to haul cargo around the falls.

  12. Where in the US can I get the GT Rider Laos map from, anywhere at all?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. Not much chance of buying a map in the US unless you can get a 2nd hand one.
    Best bet is to pick one up in Vientiane.
    Map is available at Wildside Intenational, Taipan Hotel, Kopchaideu Pub, PVO, the mini post office next to Lao Paris Hotel (next to PVO.)
    Plus quite a few other joints around town.
    Should not be a problem to score one.
    If you're desperate wait until I get back to Chiang Mai & I will mail you one, - once I’ve got your money, but bank transfer fees will be more than the map costs!
    Hope this is a help.

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