What papers needed at Aran/Poipet Cambo border?

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  1. Hallo everyone. This is my first post here so I hope it is made in the appropriate place.

    Just wandering exactly what papers are needed to take my bike across the border from Aran to Poipet and then back again a couple of weeks later. Is it just ownership papers?

    Also has anyone taken the road 3259 through what appears to be national park with lots of wild elephants. It looks like a nice route to Aran from Bangkok. Is it an ok road?


  2. Dan
    Briefly: Ownership papers / permission from the owner to take the bike out if it is not registered in your name.

    Take a look at Crossing Borders

    and the docs gallery (for Thai / Laos) at
    might also be another help.

    After you've done your trip, pls make a brief report on how easy / hard it was. Plus a bit of info about the paper process.
    Many thanks.

    Keep The Power On
  3. Thanks for that..... Trip has been postponed but will report back when it is back on.

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