What price for a new Versys?

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  1. I'm looking at buying a new Versys in the Chiang Rai area. I just wondered if anyone could advise me as to what deals there might be, or what price I should pay. Whether it be freebies, discounts or whatever, I be grateful for any help.

  2. 285,000

    I doubt you'll get any incentives or discounts but it never hurts to ask! I pass by the Kawa dealer in CM quite a bit and the Versys seems to have a pretty healthy turnover. So I am guessing demand is high and rebates will be rare.
  3. 285,000 is the price which includes registration. Kawasaki CM have recently opened a small dealer in Chiang Rai where you can buy one from, it is on the Super-Highway heading south about 3-400 metres after the King MengRai statue and just before the big PTT gas station.
  4. Yes, I'll be keeping the KLX, it does a good job, but underpowered for touring in my opinion. I'm due to do a run through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Lao and Cambodia later this year... if we can organise all the paperwork. And I don't fancy doing all that on the KLX whilst chasing a couple of Africa Twins.

    Cheers to the other posters, plus the PM. Looks like it's 285,000 and the hope of a couple of freebies.

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