What road is it on?

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  1. Years ago the wife and I rode to Chaing Rai on a Phantom 150 new to Thailand and the wife so a bit busy surviving. On the way to Chaing Rai I think we saw a Huge reclining Budha, Been a long time but seems to me somewhere close to 100 meters long. Anyone recognize that and can you tell me what road it's on?

    They were doing construction on it at the time. So it would be something to see what it looks like today.
  2. The Reclining Buddha Colin is referring to is on the Lampang Side on Rd 101 on the south side of the road (about 6.5 km from the junction of Rd 11 and 101 near Den Chai). Not sure about the name of the Wat but it is probably Wat Phrathat Suthon Mongkhonkhiri
  3. Thanks Guys

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