what software to put GPS data on fotos?

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  1. Can you recommend software to put exif GPS tags on my fotos?
    Some were taken while the gps was off(eg at camp)
  2. in that case you want a simple program to manually enter the details?

    Try the link below. Simple EXIF editor, add geotags manually, even geo-tag through google maps.

  3. thanks, I downloaded that and will try it
    but I'd like an automatic one really,for most of the fotos as it takes me such a long time
  4. What do you mean by automatic?

    If you had the gps off, how will an automatic program know where the pics were taken?

    Or do you have gpx tracks?
  5. I need to batch edit some fotos taken (say) around camp,
    but mostly I just need to tag automaticaly from the .gpx files.

    then the odd ones like those on here I have to do manually
  6. For the thickos amongst us, but those who would like to learn more, can you explain in simple terms what you are on about?

  7. I'll try to explain, but i don't know much
    Fotos (.jpg) have information attached(EXIF data).
    Some of this info can include GPS position(geotag).
    So I want a Program to add the data from my GPS (which is kept in .gpx files) to the fotos.
    Some programs you can open all your .jpg files and then open your .gpx files and the program matches the data with the time, and adds the latitude and longitude automatically to all the fotos
    Otherwise you can edit each foto individually
  8. I did a Google search (gps exif photos) and came up with many programs, tips, etc. :shock: Although I downloaded a program a while back I never tried to use it, so no first hand experience.

    Go to Google, take your pick, and you can tell us how it goes.......
  9. Not a problem, sorry for the delay. Try GeoSetter via the link below. Manually edit exif data also.


    Here's some screen shots which are from the link above.


  10. Download lastest version of Nikon View NX (1.5.0)

    It free software.
    http://support.nikontech.com/app/answer ... q#Anchor-1

    In the Geo Tag option you can
    - tag image manually by placing markers in Google Earth imagery
    - log matching (last icon in row, just after 'home' icon); you can load GPX files into it, then geo tag images according to time & date taken.

    To select multiple images into the Geo Tag option you select the images in View NX by holding 'shift' and clicking on images (first and last image).

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