What sort of protection to wear in the forests


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Jun 13, 2015
Hi, I have been riding in the forests and one of my big problems are the thorny bushes that seem to grow almost everywhere. It can be a real pain to ride along a trail only to have what looks like a small branch almost tear you to shreds with its thorns. I am wearing a mesh jacket with protection for elbows, shoulders and back, but this leaves plenty of exposed areas for the thorns to penetrate.

What do other people use to counter this problem?

What I find an even bigger pain is when I am on foot in the hills trying to put down wildfires and I encounter an area where these thorny plants are the dominant plant. I can spend more time trying to untangle myself from the nasty embrace of these thorny devils than I do actually fighting the fires. I have been tempted to back off and say, "burn baby burn" as the fires do a reasonable job of destroying the thorn bushes, but the objective is to always try to control the fire.