What to do with my Honda XL700VA Transalp ??

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  1. I have just ridden this bike from the UK to Chiang Mai, and now it sits here legally on a 30 day Temporary Import Certificate. Clearly it can not stay in Thailand forever, and although CM customs have indicated they are willing to keep extending the TIC, (for up to 6 months), this is not an ideal situation for me.

    So my options must be :
    • Ride it back
    • Ride into Cambodia and sell it there for cash, fly back
    • Sell it to someone who wants to ride it back to Europe
    • Ship it back to the UK next summer and sell there

    Given the bike is probably worth about UK £3,800 (200,000 bht) in the UK, then minus the shipping cost, it owes me around 165,000 Baht if I sell it here.

    So, I'm posting here as it may be what someone about to contemplate a Thai-UK ride would need, or maybe someone in Cambodia wants a decent bike..... whatever, just as long as I hand in the TIC legally, and absolve myself of the wrath of Thai Customs.

    The bike itself is a 2010 model, with about 30,000 miles on the clock. It's in good condition, mechanically sound, and has a number of small mods (Touratech bash plate, Givi boxes, Honda Top box, crash bars), and a few spares such as levers, pads, clutch cable, etc.

    PM me if you need more details and pics.
  2. Have you putting it on HUBB  (Horizons Unlimited) ?

    Like you say, its perfect for someone who wants to trek back to Europe.

    I think if you advertise on HUBB, then someone who has an idea for adventure and maybe open to the offer of riding out the winter here then heading back through Eastern Europe in the Summer ..

    But, I have one question ..

    Why are your GIVI boxes so clean ? you rode here and didnt drop the bike once ?
  3. Good luck with the sale.

    Selling it in Cambodia may be the easiest least hassle option.


  4. Answer to the pannier question - Easy, the pic was taken before I left !
  5. Give us a write up on the Trip Russ.    I'm sure it's something we've (brits)  have all considered but never had the opportunity to do.   It may inspire someone to buy your Bike and return it to blighty

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