What type of bike lock?

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  1. I'm planning a Laos > Cambodia > Thailand trip on a ~$650USD bike (150cc probably) and am trying to decide what type of bike lock to get. I know many people have done similar tours without a lock, but I'd rather not take any chances.

    Since the majority of bike thefts I've heard of involved an unsecured bike, I'm not sure how beefy of a lock would be required to deter thefts. I'd like to minimize weight so the most appealing idea would be a brake disc lock, but it wouldn't prevent somebody from just putting the bike in the back of a truck. Also, I'm not sure if the bike I'm going to buy will even have disk brakes. I was thinking about a length of covered chain and a beefy pad lock, but a good quality chain costs upwards of $100. How common is it for someone with bolt cutters to come around and cut off a chain and steal a bike? Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
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  3. TonyBKK

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    A determined thief will steal your ride regardless of what kind of lock you use, so, IMO the goal should be to make your bike too inconvenient to steal so that the would be thieves will move on to something easier.

    Personally I hardly ever lock up my bikes but usually stay in places that are either too remote for theft to be a concern or in lodgings that have secure parking and/or a security guard.
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    I use a myriad of locks when parking my bike up over night however one particular lock I like is a simple padlock I bought from Tesco Lotus in Nong Khai which has an alarm in it. It was only 500 Baht but I am very impressed! Very sensitive! I have a U Lock through the rear wheel/disc brake and the alarmed padlock through the end of the U-lock/disc brake. If you touch the bike with even the slightest amount of force the alarm is triggered which is very loud! I would certainly recommend one!
  5. nikster

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    Why would any bike thief carry bolt cutters when they can just take the next bike that doesn't have chains on it? Especially if you are on a cheap ride.

    A lock with an alarm is a good idea, esp if it's only 500 baht. You'll have to deal with the alarm going off on its own occasionally though.

    I'd just use a thick chain bicycle lock; its primary features should be that it looks big and that it's highly visible. You don't want the would-be thief to crash your bike, that wouldn't be very good. You want them to move on to another.

    In general though I don't think you need a lock. Just keep your bike where the locals keep theirs, e.g. inside the guest house etc. Don't leave it on the street overnight and you should be good.
  6. I went to the hardware store and picked up 4 feet of some big chain and got an Abus monoblock lock. Total cost was only $28USD;not too much money for the extra insurance. I figure I'll keep it in a safe spot when I can, but if I can I'll lock it up.

  7. Franz

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    Tightmopedman9, I wouldn't even spend one Dollar for securing a 650.- $ bike as this will of course be a bike that's not available new anymore and the need for parts is getting less and less. 650 Dollars (or roughly THB 20,000.-) might get you an old Honda Sonic if you are lucky, one of the few old 125cc bikes that is reliable, or some battered Wave or Dream, some Yamaha Mio115 or even an older carbed 125, a Suzuki Step 125 (guzzler) but not much else. Just keep it in sight of reception or security in the places you'll stay and you should be fine. Rgds, FR

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