What was your truly first bike?


Oct 18, 2011
My first bike was a Honda xl100 mid 70s vintage i think similar to this one

traded it to a dealer for a xl175.
Dealer was angry when he saw me next as aparently the main bearing race was mainly in the sump. I had no idea it still went ok)


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Aug 13, 2013
my first ever bike was 1964 honda c77 dream way ahead of the english bikes of the time long time ago.now own 11 of em from japs german and russian n english

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
The Mighty Suzuki GT125.
I brought this Bike Brand New just before I turned 15 and was allowed to get My Drivers License! Mine was Exactly the Same Colour as Pictured.


The History of the Suzuki GT125
The Suzuki GT125 debuted in 1974 and was released to the public as a “naked”. This Suzuki model looks similar to the provision that the GT185 model. Both models have common parts of both wheelbase and were smaller motor with the GT125 model. However, some parts used will be able to adapt to each model. The GT125 is an attractive market competitive seller has participated in.

The engine of the Suzuki GT125 made its first appearance with a two-stroke twin was allowing the bike to reach a top speed of almost 80 mph. The GT125 has caused a chain drive with a gearbox 5 speed. These specifications were very good for a bike model launched in mid-1970. The first time you start the engine, noise at high speed that will make you ask for more and more you will get.

The Suzuki GT125 is a relatively light bike weight of 269 pounds with a full tank of gas. The front brakes are single disc while the rear brakes are home to an expansion of the brakes. The brakes are of course very useful to have, but if you just bought a used GT125 recently, you may just want to check the brakes and replace if necessary. You keep your bike safely so easy when you take the necessary precautions. Take control of every situation is simply not possible.

Fuel capacity is sufficiently small by today’s standards hold only 2.64 liters. However, when this bike was manufactured and sold to the public 2.64 gallons went much further than it does now. This is especially true when you put the weight of the bike in the equation. The Suzuki GT125 is a great value for the pleasure and opportunity. Although a road trip may be out of the question, if you do more supplies.

From 1974 to 1978, the Suzuki GT125 continued unchanged, except for some minor adjustments. After Suzuki has decided to stop production model is based GT125 many bikes as last RG125 X4 above. Suzuki GT125 production actually stopped in 1979, when many traders keep selling off the lot until 1979. The future according RG125 X4 literature was included in Suzuki sales in continental Europe until 1980.

The Suzuki GT125 is at the top of the list for collectors bike its stylish look and a retro approach. This motorcycle is equipped with all standard bikes today with the ability to exchange parts to give a modern look or the ability to restore to its original standards. If you just bought a Suzuki GT125, within a short time, you will see what everyone is talking about. If you ever have the opportunity to climb aboard a Suzuki GT125 owners there all you intend to do.


Feb 23, 2003
Honda CB 175 for me. Was a great high school transport bike, and freed me
from taking the bus.....example photo.


Second bike at 19 years old, a Jawa Californian 350. Now a bit of a collector bike. Example photo.



Mar 26, 2014
My first ever bike that I owned was a 1985 VFR 750F. It was an interesting bike. Previous owner had rebuilt the motor to do drag racing not long before I bought it. It had a fair bit of power for a 750 and far too much for a sport tourer like that. The chassis just wasn't up to that sort of power. Made for some interesting times. :D Now I pick up my new Ducati Diavel in a couple of weeks. :cool:


DP Asia

Apr 7, 2014
Yamaha DT 100. What a tank! But I had a lot of fun on it.. Next was a Bultaco. I don't even remember the model, then a Can Am 250, an old twin shocker with way more engine than suspension. I was pretty excited when the Elsinor came out! First street bike was a Kawasaki 500cc two stroke triple. Fun bike!


Aug 22, 2005
My first machine was a 1976 Honda XL125 bought in Chiang Mai whose ownership I could trace back through four owners ending with that guy who did tours up in Mae Sai years ago. Below is a pic of that bike stolen from one of David's vintage photo threads, the red bike on the lower left. To this day I believe it was the best bike for riding the mountain sois given its great torque in low gear and its low center of gravity. The much higher riding yellow MTX to the right was a real bust and most of those ended up down on Koh Samui to be ridden around on that paved circle.



Feb 8, 2009
My first bike 1968 BMW 250 ccm. I feel like a king.....12 PS so much power after my 50 ccm bike Zündapp.


I m left side.

And now, the hair is grey, 45 years older, some kilo more but still alive. My 20 year old V Max and 158 horse power more than my old BMW.





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Nov 21, 2014
A chopped 1974 Honda 750 four.
It got wiped out in Italy Terni) when side swiped by an idiot with no lights in an Opal Kadet doing 80km.
1981 I think.
Anyway, after 4 months in hospital I checked out the remains of the beast and it was dead.
Bloody shame cos I loved that old thing. sob :)


Mar 27, 2007
Mine was a Honda C50 scrambler when I was 12. No lights or anything, just stripped down, used in the garden or the local gravel pit. Had a DT 125 after that, but I was still only 15. When I was 17 I borrowed my mates RD250 to take my test on, then I immediately went out and brought a Suzuki GS1000EN (EYY 909V) from Saunders and Lewis and my first legal road bike. Wrote that off and ended up in Hospital after hitting a horse at 90MPH on Framewood road right by Pinewood Studios in Iver where they make the James Bond movies..... The real James Bond that day was outside the studios! :D The horse had to be put down, the bike span and was a real mess. I was lucky that day, racing leathers. Just a busted ankle and slight concussion where I head butted the horse......