What you can get away with in your Suitcase.

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  1. There as been a few threads on what you can get away with in your cases coming in to Thailand "Well end of this week I will find out. Just a few of the things that will be crammed in 1 Pro Circuit 304 Factory Sound muffler, new radiator shrouds, exhaust gaskets, a jetting kit, new moto x boots
    285440=13929-2012-11-25%2007.31.20. and helmet and all other off road riding gear just might have room for a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Down side is it may take me a day or two to get the old CRM250 going empty the fuel tank clean it strip the carb and clean and give the hole bike a good clean up find good fuel " Anyone know if you can buy 95% in Mae Sai ? Sad to say after agreeing to buy the bike and on the day the wife and brother in law went to pick it up the mechanic went for a ride on it with no oil mix for the fuel and yes F...ed it! "They fixed it ( I hope ) but it has never been started again so my fingers are crossed all is good and I just have to run it in again. After paying 3 years back road tax we can not change the name over as far as I can work out its to do with there not happy with the sellers copies I will find out for sure shortly so a drive over to Chiang Mai is on the cards. So while I am in Chiang Mai a helpful hint as to where to buy new handlebars, grips, mud guards if I can find any to fit with out ordering from Japan.
    285440=13930-553993_481945341839243_2100226189_n. By the way Merry Christmas every one :smile1: Cheers Brad.
  2. "So while I am in Chiang Mai a helpful hint as to where to buy new handlebars, grips, mud guards if I can find any to fit with out ordering from Japan."

    Now that's an easy one! There's a terrific shop on Sridonchai road, about a couple hundred meters down on the left hand side, sells all the above and much much more.
    Sridonchai is the road leading off to your left at the south east corner (bottom right!) of the Old City moat. Very helpful owner with passable English, you can get all your protective clothing there as well. Just keep yer eyes peeled for a shopfront with hundreds of lids on display outside!
  3. You would be amazed what one can get away with , tools , guns,ammunition , spares ,diagnostic units , a complete Ducati engine even , the only thing i have ever had problem with was cigars and wine.
  4. HAHAHA Cigars and Wine why do's that not surprise me!:clap: .... And thanks Martin I will have a look and see if I can find some stuff I am after there. As for good gas 95 % if I can not buy it in Mai Sai I have asked the better half but she dos not seem to understand why I want it, what about Chiang Rai I will pop over and buy a enough to last a while ?
  5. Well got though no worries must have looked a little strange a guy with a bloody big case stuffed to bursting point haha. The worst part was passport control nearly an hour to get though all good nice to be back.

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