Wheel balancer machine: Only one in North Thailand.

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by tum_speedway, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Wheel balancer machine “only one in north Thailand "
    Ready for service every day .
    We open 9 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock in the evening
    Tel 089-7589876 Mr. Jo or 083-4710336 Mr. Tum
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    After my 2.500 kms trip at my annual leave (Rayong-Khon Kaen-Phi'lok-CNX-MaeHongSon-CNX-Phayao-Phrae-CNX-Lopburi-Rayong) I had to change both tyres at my FJR, especially the front one as I like to run turns at a higher speeds. Just now Charoenmotors/Yamaha Chiang Mai fitted me with was available on the spot, brand new Pirelli-Diablo Rosso tyres. Although they are for racing bikes, I like their handling and also good grip in the rain very much. The Bridgestones (bad on wet roads) that were originally fitted to the FJR lasted only 5.700 kms, I don't think the Pirelli's will give me much more mileage. Only important thing for me is safety & grip. Well, had them changed and the wheels balanced at Yamaha CNX, worked out fine. Sorry guy's no fotos from this trip as I was all on my own and had to enjoy my once a year holiday from work; will post some description though soon.............Cheers, Franz
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    I am finally back at home Drinking a Cold Beer, Thank God :D What had already been a Real Shit Day Got a Lot Worse when i decided to fit My New Michelin Road 2CT Tyres to My Tiger. First i Got Pissed Off looking for Tools in My Workshop but i can't Blame the Guys as they are Re-building about 4 Buggys at the same time so stuff is spread out :cry: So Make it Easy i thought I will Go Direct to Yamaha and let them Do it :idea: They Have all the Correct Machines Right? Anyway things went from Bad to Worse!!! First they said the Tyres are to hard and won't Fit the Rim :?: I said You got to be Joking Put some Water or Soap on them which they did and Wola they slipped straight on, that was the Easy part!!! Next they Tried to balance them :!: They Said My Rim was No Good, I replied Can't be 13,500 kms No Accidents Never Hit any Holes etc. Then My Wheel Bearings were Seized. Impossible they would have collapsed or made a Noise, i would have Felt it etc I replied. By Now i was Getting Upset and My Ulcer was Bleeding out My Ears :evil: This Went on and after a few Phone Calls Lucky My Mate Tim came to the Rescue and Took Control. He called Pairot the Guy Who Supplies the Tyres from Bangkok and he helped a bit with advice but the Rest was Just Patience and Guidance from Tim, Thanks :wink: There was a multitude of Problems one being they Just Don't have enough Cones for the Tyre Balance Machine to Fit all the Rims so The Rim is Never Really Running Exactly True, How can You Balance it :oops: Another is No Training So they Don't actually Know What they are doing :roll: After Giving Up on the back Tyre they Started on the Front and By Pure Luck the Guy found out the Weights were only needed on one Side to Make it Balance which worked out pretty Good so They Then Had to Take the Rear Off again and have another Go at that!!! :x So we Finally Finished near 7pm 5 Hours Later and With My Hernia looking Like a Colostomy Bag :shock: If It wasn't for Tim I am Sure the Bike would Still be there and I would have Run Out on to the Road and Thrown Myself Under the First Truck going past :idea:
    In Fairness to the Staff they Kept their Cool and Did what Tim asked without Complaint and even Dropped My Bill from 400 Baht to 200 baht for the Hassle . I Paid 500 and Told them to have a Beer on Me as that was the First thing I was Going to Do :wink: I was Just Happy to get out of there on My Bike!!! I Still find It Absolutely Incredible that any Company Not Just Yamaha would Sell Brand New Big Bikes Here then Hand them Over to People with a Total Lack of Natural Ability, No Formal Training, No Knowledge at all about anything they Work On and appears No One actually In Charge :shock: What Happened to Formal Training Courses on the Bikes You are Looking after :?: People will Argue oh but it is so Cheap to get things Done Here :roll: Well Yes It Is but If I have to Pay the Amount We Pay For Our Big Bikes here which apart from Kawasaki is 1/3 More than at Home I Expect and Don't Mind paying for Top Quality Service!!! :twisted: So I have had My Say and Hopefully I am OK for awhile till I need another Set then I will have to Start Drinking Milk for a week before to Calm My Ulcer!!! :wink:
    You Have Been Warned!!! :twisted:
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    Alos had similar problems with R1200GS and Triumph wheels. On both bikes their excuse for not be able to balance the BMW front wheel and both the Triumph wheels was the rim was bent/nor straight so immpossible to balance. Total BS!I ended up doing it at home using a static balancer and had no problems.
    I agree they have no idea what they are doing and no background knowledge or training for big bikes and of course no farang can help because everyone here knows everything already :)
  8. DavidFL

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    Aha, welcome back Ambassador....

    But, hhmh? It sounds a bit like my AT wheels too - no can do? Too old? It was suggested at the time, that it could have been operator error / inexperience.

    Perhaps the guys just need to go for a training course somewhere?

    I heard that Cockpit on R108 near Lotus can do bike wheels as well. They must be good at car wheels & know what they are doing, so maybe that is an option for someone to explore & report on.

    Or perhaps Tim can run a training course for them?
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    Hi Ian,
    From what I have seen of the Yamaha big big workshops in Chiang Mai and Khorat, Yamaha have provided excellent facilities in the way of tools, bike lifts and the tyre changing and balancing machines. What they seem to be short of is knowledge and experience on using the tools and machines.
    I am using Khorat and have a good relationship with the guy, Khun Nui, who was the salesman, but now covers big big service as well. He has spent some time in Bangkok with Yamaha and also helped with my 10.000km service when Bangkok sent up one of their service technicians who seemed very competent.
    Since then Nui has changed both tyres for me and did the balancing quite quickly with minimal fuss. He also had a problem finding correct fittings for holding the wheel, but managed to get it running true. He has no objection to me watching and even helping during parts of the service.
    I noted that they have the vacuum equipment for throttle body synching, but he admitted he had not been trained to use it yet. I want this done on my next service. By the book should have been checked already.
    So they have good facilities and all the neccessary instruments and tools and as they sell more bikes the competence will grow, but this is going to take time.
    In the meantime I am going to be present during every service and as I have the workshop manual will make sure it is done right. Of course none of this should be neccessary, but what choice do we have if we want to make sure our 2 year warranty is honoured..
  10. David Learmonth

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    Goodness! Must have been lucky! Took my Bonneville to local Greenwing shop at Ban PaSakLuang, near MaeChan. Kuhn Prasid, the mechanic, is excellent. Very thorough, clean & knows how to use tools. No big hammers, spanner rash etc. Removed both wheels - not an easy job, especially the rear. (Wasn't aware main stand was an optional extra when I bought the bugger) took them to local car tyre fitter,again, no damage or scratches, refitted to bike & so far OK. Took a chance & didnt bother with balancing but must have been lucky because all is well. Hope Ians, ulcer, hernia etc are all settled down again. Sounds like it was a dreadfull experience.
  11. Ian Bungy

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    I have Just had My Wheels Balanced again after Yamaha Cocked them up the First time!!! So forget them. Here is the Info on the ONLY Proficient Service available in CM.
    Take the Hangdong Road down past the Airport. Go Past the Lotus and Opposite the Honda Car Dealer do a U-Turn and the COCKPIT Shop is right there. Can't Miss it as it is the Only CockPit on that Road.
    They have Just Imported from Germany all the Required Fittings for Their Balancing Machine to Fit Motorcycles Wheels!!! A Prompt Efficient Service. The Owner is "Chin". He speaks perfect English and tells me all His Friends are Like Myself and Got feed Up with not being able to get there Wheels Done anywhere in Chiang Mai so He took the Required action to do them Himself!!! ( He has Motorcycles as well! ) Just Bring Your Wheels and Tyres in and they will do them on the Spot. Telephone Numbers are:
  12. Franz

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    Hi Ian, seems Yamaha - Kad Suan Kaew have learned, came up from Chonburi last Friday with the FJR. Had the tyres changed at Yamaha Riders Club in Bangkok - Ratchada, they cocked up there, frontwheel not balanced. Drove the 874 kms in terrible heat and no more than 150 as the unbalanced frontwheel made me shake like a 90 year old Parkinsons patient. Went to see Jo at Yamaha CNX yesterday and they did a perfect job. Now smooth like a baby's skin. Progress was done and that's very satisfying. Cheers, Franz

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