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  1. Guys, anybody who can recommend me a shop where they are able to do wheelbalancing (front) for my FJR1300 ?? Had it for service and tyrechange at Yamaha in Bkk but the balacing of the frontwheel they messed up totally, bike starts shivering like a Thai on the Northpole once it moves above 150..................could be somewhere between Chonburi-Pattaya-Rayong. Many thanks, Franz
  2. Welcome to the Club Franz!!! Same Same :shock: !!! Up here in CM I can Recommend "Cockpit" on Hang Dong Road. They are the Only Ones I know of here. Drive down Past Lotus and Do a U-Turn at the Honda Car Dealer and it is Right there. Can't Miss it as it is the Only Cockpit on the Hang Dong Road :wink: The Guy Imported the Motorcycle Balancing Equipment from Germany so He can do His Own and Friends Bikes because they all had the Same Problems!!! Owners Name is Chin and He Speaks Perfect English for Those of You Not Blessed with The Bilingual Skills of Franz :wink: He is very Helpful and He Rectified the Problems Created By Yamaha CM where i had the Same thing as You happen :roll: Good Luck Mate!!!
  3. Hi Ian, yes it's a welcome to the club, I don't blame the mechanics but the owners who put up some "fancy machines" in their workshop but forget to give their staff proper training !!! Same experience I had with some BMW mechanics too. Will keep on trying to find any bikeshop here in the east who can do it. If no success, I'm gonna get myself some counterweights and do it on my own on a self built stand, it's not so exact but better what has been done before. Sure when I called Bkk, nobody picked up their mobiles (right Khun Eak ??)..............Tum, you read this ???? Now back at Charoenmotors, would be something you could organise anew !! Cheers, Franz

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