Where can I buy a Kawy D- Tracker new?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by EdtheTraveler, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Looking to do a tour into Cambodia and Laos in May and June where can I buy a D- Tracker new with plates, green book and all the doc's I will need to make this tour.
    Thanks Ed
  2. Lots of information in the Kawasaki Big Bike Section on this site.
    Not avoiding your question, but not sure where you are.
    Almost every large town now has a dealer who can get you one. The dealers in the biggest towns hold stock.
  3. But you must remember that its take at least one month to get the book.

  4. Also, it could be wet so wouldn't the KLX (same power, same riding position but dualsport-capable) be the better option "just in case"?

    Ed, a word to the wise - use the search function of the forum and also check out some trip reports for the areas you plan to visit to get an idea of potential road conditions as the weather can make a big difference to the roads and your ease of passage!


  5. just bought a new d tracker,it is a little underpowered on the highway but it is a great bike i will sell it in a month with aprox 1000 k on it just changed the oil on 500 km if you are interested in it just leave a message here,othervise you can buy it in any kawa store in thailand brand new and no bs papers you will get the plate same day with green book,the bike is fun to drive,smallest bike i ever had,but it is a great deal if you want a bike with no dodgy papers
    phone 0892293125
  6. Is it black, orange or green?
  7. They are in stock in Udon.
  8. They have them in Phuket too! Abt 5 left as of last week.
  9. selling the d tracker,i am in shiang mai just bought a new er6n black.selling it for 115000 bth nog .it has buriram plates 666.call me if interested this has to happend fast as i get the new bike on thuersday,it has 5k km on the clock and as been changed oil on evry 1500 k,

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