Where can I buy safe helmet in Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by peterjoel, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. Can't find my Bell and I leave Maine for LOS next Wed.Those cheap helmets with seams can break on impact and slice a skull.Can I buy a Thai made openface helmet that comes near DOT standards.Will it be less expensive?
    I am also bringing a piece of surgercal sheep skin to be made into a seat cover so my testicals won't shrival nor my butt blister.
    Questions are who upholsters seats and sells helmets in Chiang Mai?

  2. On Chang Moi Road - around the corner from Joe's Bike Shop - is a parts shop that sells helmets. He had some full-face Nolan helmets for about $50 US. He may have some good quality open face ones as well.

  3. And just around the corner from Joe's on Chiang Moi road also but on the other side and in the other direction from the helmet joint is a place on a corner that makes seat covers, I am sure they could make your sheepskin into a seat cover for you Peter. But remember that the sheep that used to produce the natural oils and other stuff that preserved the skin and wool is no longer with us and with the weather as it is in Thailand, humid or wet and hot for the most part, your nut and arse protecting sheep skin seat cover may soon be the home of some rather nasty little growths of both flora and fauna.
  4. Those flora and fauna have won me many blue ribbons at country fairs around Maine,however,the sheepskin is the synthetic kind used in hospitals to avoid bedsores.In the fifties I used to smirk at sheepskin saddles(homophobicly),but about six years ago I bought an R800 that had the seat covered,and was surprised that my ass wasn't sore after a one day shakedown run,Belfast Me. to Moncton N.B.and back.


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