where can i get any of these bikes

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  1. Hi all . I'm from Malaysia and looking for any one of these bike ..

    Honda CBR400RR Gull-Arm
    Honda RVF400 NC35
    Honda CBR600 F2
    Honda CBR600 F4i
    Yamaha R6 1998 or any from 1998 to 2004

    any specific shop that have a website so i can see theirs gallery ?
  2. Try Siam Superbike http://www.siamsuperbike.com/


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  3. Try this site for used bikes

    go to classified
  4. well .... i already ask them. they only have VFR400 for 75,000 . Now I prefer RVF400 ...
  5. well........you will find that in this country you cannot be too choosy and sometimes have to settle for something different than the exact bike you want. Here, it is a choice mostly from what is AVAILABLE not just what one wants. Good Luck and keep looking occassionaly some surprises turn up.

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