Where: Chiang Mai Offroad motorbike track/school/gear rental/club

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  1. Hi all!

    We want to practice to ride offroad, pls, share any info about offroad motorbike tracks/schools/gear rentals/clubs in CM. Looks, like this part of motorbike life is hidden for farangs.
  2. Not sure if this is what you are looking for but try Transmoto Sport (http://www.transmotosport.com/). They do have a kind of moto-cross track where you can practice techniques as well as do rentals, can organize off-road trip for novices up to hard-core off-road trips and so on. On their website they do have a few tips on dirt bike riding which you may find useful. See http://www.transmotosport.com/dirtbike-riding-techniques/riding-dirtbikes-101-part1.asp (Fundamentals) and http://www.transmotosport.com/dirt-bike-riding-techniques-part-2/dirtbike-riding-techniques-part-2-cornering.asp (cornering).
  3. Sounds like exactly what we look for, but is it CM based company? Didn't found address.
  4. Yes, they are CM based or to be more precise they are located in Mae Rim almost opposite the X-Centre on road 1096. Coming from Rd 107 go about 100 meter past the X-Center and turn right (north). A few hundred meters onwards you will find Transmoto Sport on your left hand side.
  5. Thanks, we will check them.
  6. I'm always open to get together with fellow offroaders. Pick up a few of Davids GT Rider maps of the areas as they have correctly laid out a portion of the tracks we have done in Northwest Thailand.

    I'll probably head out to Transmoto Sports track today in the afternoon for a spin on his well prepped motocross track if you want to get together.

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