Where could I find a SR400 / estrella / van van with green book or similar-bangkok?

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  1. I have been looking for sometime at a bike with greenbook in the range of 60-100 000 Baht but no real interesting bikes available in my range.
    van van, SR400, Estrella, enfield, FTR223, ...
    All advices are most welcome ..


  2. Hardly find SR400 for real greenbook, But for gray greenbook I've seen quite a few.
  3. Have an FTR 223 green Book 85,000 THB. Can send some photos.
    Regards Uwe
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  4. I always follow the Thai SR website srthailand.com. There have been a few SR with gray books over the past 2 years, nothing in the past few months though. Another place to look is thaiscooter.com in the classifieds section.
    good luck
  5. Thanks for all responses.

    What is the difference between green and grey book???
  6. difference between green and grey book
    green book, you can transfer and rename. Licit 100% (Real Green book)
    grey book, can not transfer and rename. Not legitimate(fake)
  7. I have an Honda AX-1 250cc. Real Green book100% 75,000 THB. more photos
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    089 989 7836 Joee
    I live in Chiang Mai
  8. Not quite accurate.
    Grey books (which are still green), come in many different levels of legitimacy. The most common being a book from an older bike of the same or different model. The numbers on the bike's frame and engine are then restamped to match the numbers in the book. The book itself will be 100% legal, therefore transferable onto a new owner and you can pay tax and insurance like usual. The act of restamping the numbers on the bike is obviously not legal and might or might not get you in trouble.

    99.9% of all SR with green books are like that. If you can find one with a 100% legal book, you'll have to pay more than double what you would pay for a grey book. (SR with grey book~about 90.000)

    When buying a bike with grey book just make sure that the bike's details match the one's in the book, i.e. number of cylinders, cc's, brand and model etc, and that the tax has always been paid.
  9. 100% green book you can transfer your self any where in Thailand country
    the grey book can not. but If you do so you have to hire someone to do it and expensive (In order to get a green book, Thai law now do not.)
    (Unless you have a lot of money. It's up to you.)
    If it was me I would not buy it grey book.
    I think it is tricky not good for me
    You buy a bike that it is correct better
    Good luck
  10. If you have a document is not complete.about the bike.
    you do not have green book.
  11. My friend has an SR400 for sale I believe. Let me check and update you all. Cheers

  12. That's Right , When you wanna buy Grey(cover green book) You have to be clever ,check every single details of bike to match in green book.
    If all details match only one thing you must not do is to Ride in the DLT( Department of transportation) to let them investigate your bike , so The only way to do is Let people outside running... change name in the green book to your name (or even change color). Of cause this will pay more for service ( In BKK regular price around 4000-5000 baht ,just increase from last year from 3000 baht)
    Anyway, Can cops arrest you and keep the bike? NO ! If all details match with green book and the number in frame is nicely done. All tax paid, Even cops call to check database in DLT. everything is match they cannot do anything except you are not wearing helmet!!.

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