Where is best place to buy a bike in SEA

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  1. nickedwards

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    Planning a trip through South east asia leaving July (hopefully) and I'm seriously considering buying a motorcycle for part of the trip. I will start in singapore and travel malaysia - thialand then cambodia laos Vietnam China in some sort of order leaving Hong Kong. I was going to buy a bike in thialand but am thinking is it better to buy it outside thialand, say malaysia if I can then get it registered in my name in malaysia as I can't register it in thailand to save myself troubles at the border crossings?
    Does anyone know where I can find some info on this (I've had a look at the borders and bikes page)
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  3. pexa

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    Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia & Laos, may not be the easiest borders in the world, but all within reach with your own bike.

    But I´d suggest to do some more research about Vietnam and China, as it is everything but straightforward to enter those countries with a foreign-registered vehicle. In fact it is almost impossible, especially Vietnam, probably be very complicated (and expensive?) to get into China as well.

    Buying in Vietnam, then going to Laos, Cambodia & back to Vietnam, for example, might work better. Saw some people in Laos, riding their Minsks, who were doing just that.
  4. Joko

    Joko Ol'Timer

    New big bike is the cheapest in SPore..for e.g. a DP or a Hayabusa or even a Harley,in Spore cost half as much as in Msia...But u must have a 'permanent' spore address etc...100% of bikes in Spore are legal with proper papers.

    Secondhand bikes in Spore are a bargain!..
    Malaysia has high import, sales & excise duty for new imported & recon bike. SecondHand Bike is also expensive. 99% of bikes in Msia are legal with proper papers (excpe tthe stolen ones :)

    (But if u r coming to Malaysia under a Second-Home program, there is a benefit where u can bring in a car & a bike...)

    Thailand is a wee bit complicated. The fully legal (i.e. with all the proper documents) bikes are almost as expensive as Malaysia.
    But if u r one of those mavericks with little regards for the legalownership documents...then get a recon bike or even those 'that dropped off the aeroplanes' from thailand.Its a bargain.

    Vietnam do not have a big bike industry per se. It is difficult and a protracted affair to ride/bring a big bike to Vietnam to ride. A small cc bike (under 150cc)is not an issue...

    Cambodia & Laos also do not have a decent Big Bike industry. Its a question of disposable income. Small bikes are aplenty.

    China, I beleieve has yet to relax their law on permitting big bikes into their country. Plenty of paper work are needed at different stages of the border...a big hassle for many who tried.

    good luck.

    p/s I beg to differ. Malaysia, Singapore and southern Thailand border crossings are amongst the easiest in the world as long as you have the proper oenership documents...
  5. pexa

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    My own experience is that getting any engine size bikes into Vietnam IS a problem, we tried last December with 115cc scooters at all intl borders with Cambodia, 1 with Laos. Did not get in, no way, the only way would´ve been to smuggle them in, but we decided were not going for that. There was a rumour they changed the rule about 1 year ago, may be before that under 175cc couldve been ok. Theres a thread right here about our trip, titled "Under 175cc into Vietnam, forget it!" or similar.

    And about the rest of the crossings, I was referring to what Im used to as a European, which at best means ride straight thru these days. From Thailand to Cambodia or Laos is still a tad more complicated (especially when I dont speak the languages), but is not a problem if, as you said, you have the proper paperwork.

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