Where is this dirt road located ?

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  1. thailasse

    thailasse Ol'Timer

    A new question,

    Where is this dirt road located ?

    North Thailand but where ? :wink:

    Tip one.

    This dirt road is marked on the by Berndtson Thailand North map.

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  3. Ally

    Ally Ol'Timer


    Look out guys, he's upped the stakes, different camera.

  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Stupid wild guess Muang Khong - Wiang Haeng.
  5. thailasse

    thailasse Ol'Timer

    Davidf, I m sorry, the picture is not there.

    Tip two.

    Dirt road located near Laos sensitive border area.. :wink:
  6. saxonator

    saxonator Ol'Timer

    Looks like a dirt track, that is not too far from Samoeng. Before you have to do some river crossings to get there. But to be honest, there's so many tracks that look similar, so it's hard to guess

  7. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    If this road is near a sensitive vorder area with Laos than it probably is near Bo Bia in Uttaradit province. The picture below shows the border according to Thailand (red line) and the border according to Laos (in blue).


    With regard to guessing where the road is I won't try as a) I don't know this area and b) this tiny piece of road may look quite different depending on dry/rainy season.
  8. thailasse

    thailasse Ol'Timer

    Auke wrote:
    Bo Bia is right area :!:


    I can tell now the right place. That is Huai Phai - Salli (R. 1234), a few kilometers before Salli.

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