Where to buy a 520 size chain in Pattaya ?

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  1. Does anyone know where to buy a quality "O" ring or "X" ring chain , size 520, 110 links, joiner clip NOT riveted link in or near Pattaya ?

    I don't know the area well and can find the riveted link type but not with a clip on joiner , want this as for a off road bike to enable the chain to be removed for cleaning / maintenance.

  2. IMHO...Pattaya is severly lacking in honest and good repair shops,
    and parts are often hard to find. I often need to have a Bkk shop
    mail me the items I need.
    Maybe these people can help. They don't sell parts but they'll
    possible know a local supplier who may help. Phone 'em and ask:

    Owner is Phil Loth - phone 082-014-6030

    The shop on the 'darkside'...in East Pattaya on Siam Country Club Rd
    Store contact numbers and map:

    Road Machine sells/repairs big bikes. On 3rd Rd (Sai Sam) & north of South Pattaya Rd, on the left going North .
    The owner Chatree (speaks English) may order a chain for you.
    His prices are high and from my experience repairs can be dodgy!

  3. OK, thanks, on the "darkside" now. Maybe a trip to BKK.
  4. In my searches found a western style shop in Pattaya , 3rd road between Pattaya Klang /Pattaya Tai on the beach side of 3rd road, called X Speed.

    Aircon, large, bling for popular Thai bikes , Kawa,Honda, Ducati etc. Ohlins, dampers, YSS, end cans, helmets, oils, disks, pads ......accessories.

    Never was able to find a RK chain with a clip (even BKK), they all sell staked (rivet) type chains for road bikes.
  5. Bike Lane on the Dark side. N12.91254° E100.94401°
    520 chains from 1600 bath to way over 10000 bath. The shop is run by a former MX champ, and his work shop is the cleanest shop I've seen in a long time.

    Phil at Extreme Enduro will get what you need from BKK.
  6. Thanks Oddvar for the coordinates , that is about 3 kms as the crow flies from my house. Went down that road looking for it once before but turned around as the shop fronts ran out, now I can see it is just a little bit further on into the open area, the blue roofed shed west of the road.Thanks.
  7. Hi Harry:
    I just bought a 520 chain from the Road Machine guy. He is pretty
    strange, and sort of makes up prices on the spot. It was a 124 link
    chain with a clip master link. Price was 1500 baht as I recall. Not an
    RK chain, but it seemed ok.

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