Where to buy a good full face helmet?

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  1. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    After more as 5 months recovering of a broken shoulder (still not even 90% ok) I am ready for a bit of motorbike riding again (psst my wife does not know). But I need a new helmet. Here in Khon Kaen you can buy cheap shit helmets or bloody expensive Arai helmets.

    So does anyone know where i can buy a full face helmet (light weight) with internal sun-visor?
    In Bangkok, Khon Kaen or Udon Thani. And within a normal price range (I think 27.000 Thai baht for a helmet is silly).

    I have been to Panda Rider in BKK .... too expensive/heavy or no internal sun-visor.
    I have been to Paddock and Dirtshop but same as at Panda Rider.
    I have been to Honda Big Wing and Kawasaki Big Bike in Pattaya .... same same and not different.

    A while ago I did see some nice AGV helmets (Asian specification) that did look good and not too expensive, but it seems they can officially not be sold here because there are not Thai approved (Thai mafia practice to support the Thai brands).
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  3. John Aero

    John Aero Ol'Timer

    Glad to see you are recovering - yes I have almost been hit by a scooter attempting to do a U turn from the left of the inside lane without looking. When I was looking for a lid few weeks ago (eventually bought a flip lid from UK) think they had a few non motocross lids in the Dirt Shop - one Bell was fairly inexpensive. The shop I have just recommended House of Bikes http://www.houseofbikebkk.com had some DOT labelled lids Shark I think and another brand but not sure of range or price. Right or wrong I have never been that fussed about local approval of lids all (open face bought in KL, new flip lid and full face) of mine only have European approval - any thoughts anyone?
  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Gee how much do you value your head?
    It seems as if the helmet is either to expensive - a farang one, or too too low a quality for a Thai made one?

    Now I swear by Arai - having had a few big spills over the years & I'm still ok (I think.)
    An Arai in Thailand is a lot cheaper than an Arai in Oz & get my vote every time.

    Different helmets have a different shape & fit, so you always have to try them on; & if you wear a balaclava try the helmet on wearing a balaclava.
    If I was after a new helmet I'd be after either these Arai

    Arai Quantum ST


    Arai Quantum ST Pro

    Arai Tour-X 4 Venture


    Arai also have a new sun visor - shade system

    Arai Pro Shade Review - webBikeWorld

    The Arai dealer in Bangkok is Stadium Accessories
    Recommended Bangkok Motorcycle Shops
    check them out & compare prices to the west; & I reckon they are cheaper here!

    Good luck & let us know how you go.
    BTW great to see you back - welcome home.
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  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Glad to hear you're getting back in the saddle!
    I've got this HJC IS-Max modular helmet with built in sun visor and have been quite happy with it:

    Paddock normally stocks this helmet and price is reasonable though I can't recall how much off the top of my head (pun intended!) ;)

    They are having yet another sale so head on down to the Big Smoke and get a good lid for your noggin! :mrgreen:
  6. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Thanks guys ....

    My first helmet was a Index, not bad and only a 3000 THB I think. But a bit heavy, pressure in my neck and after 1 hour riding I always had headache.
    My second helmet was a carbon-fiber Bell, good helmet and I was wearing it when I had my accident. But at 500 Euro a bit expensive and not internal-sun-visor. So I used the dark visor, what became a problem when accidentally sometimes riding in the dark.
    My third helmet was a JS2 carbon-fiber, reasonable helmet with internal sun-visor and only 8500 Thai baht. But some idiot did drive over it or whatever at a gasoline station.

    I have a half-open helmet that I always used for in the city but since my accident I refuse to ever use a half-open helmet.
    Also I saw some video's of accidents with a flip-up helmet and I do not trust that anymore. Also they become heavy due to the flip-up system.

    320 shop moved to the other side of the river?
    Stadium web-site can not be found?
  7. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Hiya, glad to hear you're recovering!

    I'm in the same situation as you, recovering (from surgery), getting to the point wher riding would be ok (i think) and looking at a new helmet…

    I've been looking at Shark's speed r series.
    As far as i know it's a French brand made in Thailand.

    I have a older shark and as far as build quality goes I'm very pleased. Some details are a bit flimsy and complicated but it all seem to have been sorted with the new line up.

    It's getting good reviews and at around 10000 THB. it's a pretty good deal IMO.

    Happy trails!
  8. NickyBKK

    NickyBKK Ol'Timer

  9. neilferris

    neilferris Member

    Guts Rider in Khon Kaen has a selection of Shark helmets in the 10,000 - 15,000thb price range (from memory).

    Not sure what models they are in Guts, I have an S900 with built in sun visor.
  10. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Thanks Neil, the Shark Speed-R might be a good helmet. The last time I was at Guts he had only Real helmets I think. But will check again.
  11. Tubber

    Tubber Ol'Timer

    Shark helmets are good quality for 10k. Both Franz and myself did a review of Shark helmets previously. The Vision R and the Speed R.
    Like David said Arai is a top notch helmet, see the picks in my post. I always used to buy them but will be trying a Schuberth.
  12. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    I've been using a Shark Speed-R for the last 6 months & it's a good all rounder.

    Very stable at high speeds
    Smooth ratchet visor mechanism
    Excellent internal visor
    Above average ventilation

    A bit to heavy for my liking
    Very annoying whistling noise at low & medium speeds with the visor open!!!

    I would not buy another Shark Speed-R or recommend to a friend, that whistling noise is awful around town or cruising with the visor open. Visor closed all is good but I don't always want my visor shut.

    My friend bought this LS2 CT2 helmet a couple of months ago & he absolutely loves it. Great looking & only 1200grams lightweight carbon, quick spring up inner visor, pump up inner lining for snugger fit when required & nice ratchet main visor. Has to be a winner for Thailand at 7000thb. Excellent all round helmet with good ventilation & is rock steady at 200+km/h. It is only the CT2 that has the inner visor btw....NOT the CT1 as it has no internal visor.

  13. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    So yesterday I was in BKK and my first shop of choice was BKKspeed in China Town (bloody small soi, difficult to find). Small shops also but with a good range of helmets (HJC, Arai, AGV and Shark). Different models and all sizes in stock. The staff (owner) is a friendly young chap who speaks very good English and most of all he know what he is selling. He seems to be straightforward about the quality and make of the products he sells. The also sell jackets, gloves, etc. They also have a shop in Pinklao.

    So I bought a Shark Speed-R with Carbon outer shell, about 100gr lighter as the normal Speed-R. It has internal sun-visor and is easy for people wearing glasses. I did not yet ride with it, will do that this afternoon I hope .... oops done already.

    So first quick impression .... indeed noisy with open visor (but I almost never ride with open visor). Feels very good. Sun-visor could be a bit darker. When riding about 100km/h a bit of wind buzz (but maybe I am not used to riding anymore).

    P.s. I had a LS2 before ... that pump for inner lining of course did not work anymore after a few times removing the lining .... also the lining is not very long-lasting. And my LS2 did break (really the outer-shell was broken) when it did fall on the ground and probably hit by a parking car (so no high impact crash).
  14. Joelthailand

    Joelthailand Ol'Timer

    I passed on your info onto my mate & he said. The guy in the shop made him wait a week for a new delivery of 2014 spec LS2 FF396 CT2's as there had been a few problems with the 2012 model.

    Please let me know if the carbon shark-R has any whistling noises at low/mid speeds with the visor open. Thanks
  15. DaRider

    DaRider Ol'Timer

    Chiangnoi1, how much was it if i may ask?
  16. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Photos from Changnoi1




    Thanks for the report Changnoi.
  17. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    I think the normal Shark Speed-R is 9.700 Thai baht and the carbon version was 12.200 Thai baht.
    Yes, it has a whistle with open visor (riding at lower speed).

    At BKkspeed in China-town I did not see LS2 helmets if I am correct.
  18. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Shark prices in thailand are comparable to UK ,,thats good

    interestingly that a recent noise study in germany stated that if you want a quiet helmet then open face is best , but off course they dont offer as much crash protection or weather protection ,,

    I reckon they are correct as my shoei and HJC full face helmets are much noisier/ boomier than my open face Box or Bell helmets even with ear plugs ,,,,

    Schuberth helmets are supposed to be the quietest and are favoured by police and emergency services in Europe but are very expensive and some reviews say they are no better than other makes vis a vis noise .

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