Where to buy CRF250L accessories/parts in Bangkok?

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  1. longicon

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    Hello everyone, I live in Vietnam and I've just bought a new CRF250L.
    Next week I will go to Bangkok to buy some customised accessories/parts like those in this page: http://www.aphonda.co.th/product/2013/crf250L/part.asp

    Can anyone be so kind as to tell me where in Bangkok I can find those parts?
    I can't find any contact address on that page.
    Please tell me the detail address since i'm a foreigner :)

    I really appreciate your help
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  3. CraigBKK

    CraigBKK Ol'Timer

    When I bought my CRF the dealer tried to order parts. Wait was several weeks and in the end, the rear rack was just not available. Ended up buying one on ebay from a guy in Chiang Mai.

    Depending on what parts you want you could try http://www.dirtshopthailand.com
  4. FrankT

    FrankT Ol'Timer

    Yep Dirtshop has a good selection and a mechanic to put it on if you dont want to do it yourself, Khun Noi, wife of the owner, speaks good english.
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    If you can find a Thai friend who will translate for you you can find TONS of kit for your bike on the CRFThailand forum:


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