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  1. What is the best electronic store in Chiangmai? Looking for a gps unit which I can use both on the motorbike and in the truck. The nuvi1250 seems cheap, but having used Garmin on boats for a long time, I know they are good quality. I want to touch these machines before I buy....any advise will be thoroughly appreciated.
  2. Hi Friends,

    I recently bought a "no name" Chinese GPS at GPS 3D Shop in Banmoo Bangkok loaded with the Thai map and fully furbished with all accessories (connection cables, charger, holder...) for only 1.850 TBH !

    It works perfect and can be use for picture display or music listening.*

    Please visit the following link: Miguel's Nong Hoi, a lot to see.

    Watch as well mini GPS Trackers for some 2.100 TBH, interesting to track your bike in case of...
  3. Eagle communications on the 3rd floor in Pantip Plaza are selling the Garmin Nuvi 1250 for 3990 Baht right now. As far as I'm aware, this is the only place in Chiang Mai with them.
    Click the link to view their range.

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