Where to buy Maps?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm arriving in CM next week from Singapore, for a short trip (2-3 weeks) to ride around the countryside for a blast of a time.

    My ride will probably be a Phantom (current ride here) and I MUST at least complete the Mae Hong Son Loop. Anything else after this will be a bonus, if time permits.

    Just a few questions to ease my mind..

    Anyone knows where I can purchase the GT rider maps in CM?

  2. To buy GT Rider maps in Chiang Mai city
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t4160.html

    Try any of these
    1. Mr Mechanic
    2. Gecko Books
    3. Joe's Bike Team / Goodwill Mc Hire
    4. Bookzone on Thapae Road.
    5. Tony Big Bikes
    6. The Kafe
    7. Yamaha Square
    8. CP Motorcycle
    9. Surawong Book Centre
    10. Jonadda Ghouse
    11. The X-Centre (Mae Rim)
    12. North Wheels
    13. Richco Motorsports / Powder Coating
    14. UN Irish Pub.
    15. Udomphol Books
    16. Top Gear
    17. Ratana Kitchen
    18. Panda Tour
    19. Veerachai Court
    20. Mr Kom M/cyle Hire
    21. Mr Beer M/cycle hire.
    22. Happy Bookshop.
    23. The Best Travel
    24. Center Place.
    25. Ginny's Place.
    26. Pirates Cove.
    27. Books Corner on Thapae road.
    28. On The Road Books on Ratchawithi road.
  3. Thanks David,

    Ahhh..I missed the sticky thread you put up earlier.
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... -t555.html (Fantastic infomation to hit to ground running)

    Looking forward to meeting some of you in the coming week. Will defo make a trip down to the kafe. Hope to see you soon

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