where to buy YSS shocks ??

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  1. I tried going direct to YSS but they told me to contact nearest dealer which in Pattaya is mityon ...they now tell me they cant get the shocks i need for my wifes Rebel 250 and want to sell me Genuine honda but i want YSS

    any ideas ??????????
  2. Find another YSS dealer in your area. You might have to go outside Pattaya as it seems Mityon has a monopoly on that town. I could direct you to a number of YSS dealers here in Bangkok, but probably you don't want to go that far. I'm sure there are dealers in Chonburi and Rayong that can sort you out.
  3. Got some from an independant shop on pattaya Tai road YSS for rebel 250 only 1500 baht.
  4. That means no new bike for the wife? :)
  5. Where to buy YSS in Thailand, bumped for a friend: http://www.yss.co.th/index.php

    For information on dealers, contact YSS:

    Y.S.S. (THAILAND) Company Limited.
    88/88 Moo.9 Soi Phikulthong Thepharak Rd., Bangpla , Bangphli , Samutprakarn 10540,
    Tel : 662-706-3700 , 662-763-8600
  6. Tony, information for your friend which might be crucial, do not contact them directly as they never reply, just go to a bike shop and they will make an inquiry & order.
    Just got a pair of rear shocks for my Nouvo 135 as the originals are crap, ordered via Pistonshop who had also to contact the appointed dealer to get price and do the order, just cost me a small mark-up but got them within one week. FR

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