where to get a guide in hanoi?

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  1. we're looking to do a couple days offroad out of hanoi and a couple days on road. for the off road piece in particular we'd like to hire a guide. not looking for a package tour, just a guide. we've done this is thailand, just went into a shop and rented a bike and found a guide through them.

    any ideas on how to get the same in Hanoi? so far all i can find is bike only or package tour.

  2. Hung at Flamingo Travel (Hanoi) is your man!
  3. I have to agree with Rod. Flamingo is one of the top rental companies.

    Rather than a "guide" we last year asked to be joined by a "mechanic" - also from Flamingo. This in light of the view that we didn't really wanted someone to plan and do everything for us, but also realising that it may be useful to have local knowledge given the larger group we were going with. I feel embarrassed by not remembering his name, but it could be Hung...

    He served as a 'sweeper' in last position for the group, and was always willing to help if needed; invisible for the remainder of the trip - worked out great.

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