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  1. Well i must start by saying what a god send this forum is, As you can see i am new here, I will be relocating over to s,e asia in january and am really happy to find this place as it is right up my street, I am looking to travel all over the place on a 250 motor-x and after looking through the search i cannot get a idea where the best place to buy the bike would be.
    I am looking at the bike being easy to go accross the borders, i dont mean what type of bike, i am looking at where the officals will give you least hassle, e.g if i buy in cambodia and drive to thailand i may get problems and a certain amout of time to leave the country, is this vice versa for entering from thailand to cambodia? I want to stay in each country until i have had enough of the place but obviously dont want to be braking their laws and losing my bike!
    Any help well appreciated and i will be posting in new year to see if any one is up for a 3 month or so trip to vietnam through cambodia or hell if you got a route and i see it posted i would like to join the convoy!!!!
    Burn it up chaps
    Excellent stuff
  2. Might be able to get back to you in a couple of days with a fuller answer to your questions as we have looked into this. First off though you can't take a bike into Vietnam if it is bigger than a 175cc. Hope that helps.

    Look at our photos:
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  3. Alesypalsy
    Glad you like the board mate. I reckon that the best place to start is at the beginning
    1. New users
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    and take it from there.
    2. But you could pay note to
    Here your 2 choices to buy are (1) Thailand and (2) Cambodia. Vietnam for a Minsk is also a 3rd choice if you want to tour in Vietnam.
    3. Then for info on crossing borders go to
    Once you’ve worked your way through all that it should be “easy.”
    You just have to decide to do something, act & join the right “convoy."

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  4. Great suff, Thanks for the replys, good to see some committed travelers here, i am so eager to start my journey. I looked at your pics helenk, Looks like you had a great time.
    I will of course input into the site when i have some but at the moment i am in freezing cold blighty awaiting completion of my property so i can get out to Thailand for my adventure's. So am afraid i would not have much to offer.
    I once hired a car in pattaya around 3 years ago and drove to changmai then onto korat and found myself absolutely hooked on driving around s.e asia, After all i am a hgv driver when i am working. But i have always had bikes from a young age, never had anything above a 250 but i could maintain a 2 stroke no problem.
    Anyway enough of my waffling, thanks very much for the welcome.
    Hope to be able to contribute in the near future.
  5. We will be around for the next few months. In Laos at the moment and then back to Chiang mai so when you get here let us know and we may be able to meet up.

    Look at our photos:
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