Where to get off road tires in Chiang Mai?

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  1. Good morning everyone!!

    My tires are done! :shifty:

    Had hoped to get new tires before leaving Bangkok but the anti-government protesters have blocked so many major intersections and sent me on a bit of a runaround to get to Chinatown so ran out of time. Arriving in Chiang Mai in a few hours. Can anyone recommend a place in Chiang Mai that can sort me out? Want proper offroad knobblies, not the OEM Dunlops!

    Thanks!!! :thumbup:
  2. Preeda is one, Sangchai Honda, Airport intersection going into town on the right hand side, aprox 500 away from intersection going toward Wualai - info from Rudi Saxonator

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  3. Nut-Pistonshop shold be able to get you some within the same day, get the dimensions written on some small paper for him, would just give him a call; if you miss his number let me know per mobile so I can SMS to you. Cheers FR
  4. I just spoke to Dave and explained where to get them so He should have a set before You arrive! Good Luck and Good Riding!
  5. Wow, thank you all for the quick and helpful advice!! There's a Sangchai Honda quite close to the train station on Keaw Nawarat so I'll hit them up first thing. Train running late, what a surprise ;)

    Owe you all a round!! :thumbup:
  6. Wow, impressed by Sangchai Honda!

    Friendly service and great selection:


    A bit miffed they wouldn't fit the tires, but I am riding a Kwacka after all... ;)

    Did my best Michelin Man impersonation and rode off with the tires around my waist :mrgreen:

    Job done! Ready to roll!!

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