Where to leave a bike near Suvarnabhumi airport ?

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  1. Hi,
    Wud like to leave my CRF250 somewhere very near to BKK airport for a month, over the Christmas period .... I'm sure there are lots of hotels that would be OK, but can anyone recommend a specific one ?
    Alternatively, a bike shop that can be trusted?
  2. I live close to the airport. Send me a pm.
    - Sam
  3. You seem to have a solution already, so this is for those finding this thread looking for a parking solution.

    The airport has a long term parking and it is cheap too (around 300 baht a month, I believe). Only, you have to do some "homework" before you can use it.

    In order to use it you have to be a member. In order to become a member, you have to visit an office that is only open in ordinary office hours. I have tried for two years to become a member, but have yet to succeed, thus I do not know more precisely what a membership entails or costs. This year the office was closed all of the 5 days I was in Bangkok, due to weekend and songkran. :crazy:

    I will update this thread if I succeed next year. I will stay 14 days in Bangkok in April, so unless some coloured shirts close down the airport, I should be able to become a member and learn about the conditions :think:
  4. If you want to use the long term parking at Suvarnabhumi for a bike, you first have to visit the office of The Public Transportation Center. Here you have to apply for a membership, which for a bike cost 300 baht per month. They are counting in full months, so if you want to park from May 10th to June 10th, you need membership for 2 months. You need your passport and the green book.

    The Public Transportation Center is located at the Suvarnabhumi Airport bus station, Google Maps. There is a free shuttle bus between the airport and the bus station, it is a 10 minute drive, and there is not more than 5 or 10 minutes between the buses. The entrance to the area when you are driving yourself in order to park is here. You have to show your membership card when entering. The parking is in open air.

    A little warning. They are not used to bikes parked long time, and I am not sure how they handle a bike (in my case a scooter) parked there for a long term. I will report back if there have been any problems, when I have picked up my scooter again in October/November.
  5. Just to close this thread off, and provide some help for others .... I found a hotel in Lat Krabang, called The Phoenix. The circa 800 bht rooms were clean and basic but had reasonable reviews. The girl on reception spoke great English and assured me a very safe spot for the bike, at no charge.
    There was no insistence I came back another night, and there was a free shuttle both ways to the airport.
    One month didn't seem any sort of a problem and I felt longer would have been OK.
    The bike (and my riding gear I left with it) was untouched on my return.

    The hotel is down a quiet Soi, and before storing, the shuttle driver even cleaned & waxed the bike for me (gave him a 100 bht tip). They gave me a dry porch way entrance to some other rooms in a property across the Soi, which was clean and behind a locked gate at night. The staff also used it for their scooters.

    Hotel address is :
    Phoenix Hotel
    88 Soi 7
    Lat Krabang District 10520
    +66 27371446

    GPS - N13.72321 E100.75388

    Very happy to recommend this to any others in a similar situation, and you can book the hotel through booking.com if you prefer.

  6. Thanks for coming back Russ - good work. Appreciated.

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