Where to rent a motorbike around Bangkok?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am a new member in this forum and I am looking for a little help.
    My friend and I want to do a roundtrip for 2 weeks in January from BKK to the Eastern Thailand and back. As I know there are a lot of motorbike rentals in Chiang Mai and the North, I wonder where is the best place to rent an Enduro in BKK, cause we are not going to Chiang Mai.
    I read a lot of warnings about renting a bike in BKK, so please tell me what you think about this, we could take the train to Ayutthaya or Saraburi too, but unfortunately I couldnt find a rental shop in the internet.

    please advice ;)

    have a nice day
  2. Welcome to the GT-Rider!

    I know of a couple motorcycle rental companies in Bangkok.

    Here are the links to their sites:



    Riding in Bangkok can be an "experience". If you're a competent rider Bangkok isn't much worse than any other big city, but you have to be aware of the rather unique way traffic flows in the Big Mango, and also be aware that some roads and overpasses are off limits to bikes and that Bangkok traffic police are greedy thieving bastards who will shake you down in an instant if given the chance.

    My advice? Get the bikes and get out of town as quickly as you can! :wave:

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy2:
  3. I was sent this yesterday but don't know anything about this place;
    Link removed
  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the quick advice ;)
    Yeah, Tony, this is exactly the plan, to get the bikes and try as quickly as we can to get out of bangkok, anyway I have the feeling that this is going to get quite a challenge ;)
    @ tony do you know this places of the links you sent me?
    I found them too in google, but I dont know if they are trustworthy.

    thx, Susi

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