Where to rent big bikes in NE Thailand?

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know if it's possible to rent big bikes (250cc or more) in NE Thailand?

    If not, what are the options for touring the NE? Renting from BKK?

    Any info or tips would be appreciated.

  2. Peter

    No offence, but NE of Thai is one big area, maybe you want to narrow your area a little bit.
    on my area here n Ubon, no rentals in here as far know

    Also there has been earlier topic on this issue regarding Khon Kaen region

    and renting in BKK, i think Nurawat is opening renting to BKK, if not yet open,, im sure he will reply on that area.
  3. Thanks Marco. The thing is, I need to cover the whole of the NE and I don't mind where I rent the bike from. So far as I can find, there's nothing on the internet about renting anywhere in the NE. (Tons on CM and surrounds, but nothing on the NE.)
    Can you or anyone else on here tell me at least which towns are known to rent out big bikes?


  4. You could try Lek big bike rentals in Udon Thani.
    They have 400cc Honda Phantoms and steeds from 700 Baht per day.

    How many bikes do you need and what prefered cc? Cruiser, touring or dual purpose?
  5. I was looking to do something simillar a while back, and eventually it turned out the best method was probably to rent in Pattaya... but then of course quality of bikes and shops becomes an issue... you would need to do some research to find a quality shop and bike that would allow you to take it outside the province...

    At the time, I wasn't aware of the shop in Udon...

    Picking are pretty slim unless you want a Wave or simillar...

  6. What's wrong with renting from Chiang Mai?

    Chiang Mai - Udon is a days ride.
    Bangkok - Udon is a day's ride?

    What's the difference?
    Bangkok - Udon is boring.
    Chiang Mai - Udon is a brilliant motorcycle ride.

    So for me it's a no brainer - start & finish in Chiang Mai!
  7. +1 on that! Listen to David- his advice is always spot on!
    Happy Trails!
  8. Hi David, I have had some correspondence with this guy. He is a photographer and has an itinery of places he must visit and so may not fit with what are the best roads for riding. Already done the North. Now starting from around Pattaya and needs to cover Khorat etc, so hiring from Pattaya is probably not such a bad choice. Up the 331 and the 304, good roads.
    I fully agree with you that Udon or KK to CM is a different quality of riding experience than BKK up to Udon. Unfortunately tmro I will be heading for BKK motor in BKK for 20k service, largely because the Fotofile shop in nearby Central Plaza has promised to buy my Nikon camera gear.
    Seems we cannot always choose the nicest riding roads. Just makes them all the better when we can next time.
    Cheers, John
  9. Udon boring thank you character :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Yep 150 K out before things get better

    Lek is the only one here that I know of 400's I beleive. They had a 750 but it got stolen
  10. Thanks guys! Some really good tips there. Especially John and David. Will think about from CM into the NE since I know the CM area. I'm a sucker for excuses to ride instead of working ;-)

    Thanks again!

  11. Well that answered a question I was going to ask re bike hire in that area it would appear hiring in Chaing Mai then riding is the answer. Thats good a plan slowly comming together for this years trip.

    Happy New year


  12. There's a shop in Nong Khai that I think rents big bikes. Its on the road from the town to the bridge. Jimoi might have the number and more details.
  13. Hello after last years great trip when I went from CM in a big loop, I want to hire a bike again from CM but ride into Laos and back to CM has anyone any experience of doing that ?
    Issues : I see our is it a worthwhile trip I've never been to Laos and only once to northen Thailand thought many times to the south and BK ?
    How does it work with leaving your passport when you hire the bike and then getting into Laos ?'
    Does it have to be an off road bike when I looked at the GT web site most the trips seemed to be on off road biles and I will probably take a pilion so was thinking of a big jap bike .I had a 750 Honda from Mr Mechanic last year which was very good value.
    Anyway any advice really appriciated and hope to buy some of you a beer later in the year.
    Safe riding
  14. Are there any updates concerning rental places in Udon Thani or Nong Khai?

    I've contacted Lek RentalCars, and they don't offer bikes anymore.

    After a couple of trips true Laos i would like to see a bit of the other site of the Nham Kong.

    I want to rent a bike end of November for approximately a week.

  15. there is a guy in ubon , that has just started a big bike rental .
    honda steeds and cbr's will try to get more info.

  16. there is a guy in ubon that has just started a big bike rental service.
    honda steeds and cbr's.
    i will try to get more info .


  17. Rob, I'd surely appreciate that info too, if you can find more... I'll be in Thailand mid-October to December, and I'm thinking of heading over to Ubon, having never seen that part of Thailand. I'll be doing some riding out of ChiangMai - but I'll also slip into southern Laos at some point, so Ubon and surrounds might make a nice place to explore along the way.
  18. i spoke to the gentleman in question and at the moment all his bikes are rented , he is waiting on some more bikes as we speak .
    he will be renting honda steeds , cbr 400's . and i believe he will be getting a few super four hondas.

    will post his details as soon as possible.

  19. I'll keep my eye on this thread then. 400's sound more than adequate - even a decent 250 can cover plenty of touring ground in a day..
  20. well the company has officially kicked off , he rents steeds and cb400's at the moment but can organise larger capacity bikes on request.
    he is based in ubon ratchatani , but will service anywhere in iran ,even as far as udon thani.
    his name is dave , and the number is 08 7960 2506 .
    i have ridden both bikes and both are nice units .
  21. I'm guessing you meant isaan, not iran.. Thanks for the info. Does he have a website?
  22. he does not have a website as yet , only contactable by phone .


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