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  1. Woke up this morning to some of the nicest biking weather I have experienced in ages. I decided to do the CM-Chiang Dao-Phrao-CM loop. It was an excellent ride with perfect temperatures and light traffic. Great fun. I was shocked to not see a single other big bike all day. What is the matter with you people? Did you buy that machine to ride or look at?
  2. I was going to do part of your route myself today, To Phrao and through the hills and back through Mae Khachan but the weather put me off as I expected it to piss down once I was about 100km away from Chiang Mai. Perhaps I will do it tomorrow
  3. Not a drop of rain all day. Go for it!
  4. Wimpy
    The boys are riding in Laos yet again.
    On the 5th I think we were riding route 13 Luang Prabang - vang Vieng. Probably S E Asia, greatest motorcycle road.
    I recall one of the riders complaining that there were too many corners & these were 2nd - 3rd gear stuff!
    It was bloody cold though & I've now got a serious head cold - who would have thought to bring cold weather gear in March! All I've got are T-shirts & a vented mesh jacket to keep cool & the air flowing. Im lucky it did not rain as that would have been it.

    Keep the power on
  5. Davidfl,

    I guess that qualifies. :)

    Can you, or anyone else, tell me what the pavement is like between Luang Prabang and Vientiane? Is that a doable ride on a 1000cc sport bike, or would a dual purpose bike be appropriate? Thanks.

  6. Wimpy
    If you want to know about the road route 13 from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, your best bet is to take a look at some of the pics in the GT Rider Laos photo gallery at
    https://www.gt-rider.com/photogalleries/ ... ameSet.htm
    Images 9-10-11-16-18-26-63-66-67-71-72-81-82-83 are all on route 13.
    plus read Silverhawks report at
    Link removed
    and look at his pics
    http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/daearly_u ... BBI_hp1kvG
    from last year's Laos mapping expedition.

    I hope you can do highway 13N (north) some time, as it is one mega ride of endless corners.

    It also flows much much better than the Mae Hong Son Loop in N Thailand.
    Most of the corners are 3rd gear roll on & off the throttle stuff - I love it every time.

    It’s also possible when riding it hard to actually get dizzy - I've experienced this twice while going for it & had to back off.
    But I reckon that in 2-3 years, maybe even less, there will be too much traffic on the road to really enjoy yourself.
    Then once there is too much traffic on the road it will be time for road widening & probably 1 or 2 years of absolute shit for 400 kms in the mountains!
    So do it now while you can really it enjoy it...

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  7. Davidfl,

    Thank you for those links. I'm ready to go, but will likely wait for winter. Think I would probably want to enter and exit at Nong Khai, as I'm not too keen about riding my bike in the mud. Just need someone to do it with. Anyone interested in spending some time sport biking about Lao - say in November - drop me a line.
  8. Wimpy
    Route 13 is just about all asphalt. There might be a few kms left at the extreme top north end, under road repairs, but you should not worry about mud riding on route 13.
    Again, just think of the Mae Hong Son Loop, all asphalt, but more flowing & you've got route 13 from Vang Vieng to about 40 kms north of Udom Xai before you start to hit intermittent road works.
    Route 13 south of Vientiane is FAST flat & generally straight FULL throttle all the way to the Khmer border!
    If you can ride the MHS loop on your own, then you can do route 13 North on your own.
    Plus Lao people are friendlier than the Thais = no worries about robberies / getting ripped off!

    Keep the power on
  9. Sounds great. Don't think I would have any trouble doing it alone, but it would be more fun with another bike. I have an Australian mate who may come over later this year. Sounds like he is up for it, plus I have an extra VFR he can use. [8D]
  10. I was out the door at 6:15 Sunday morning. It was almost chilly.

    I decided to do the Samoeng loop starting at the Hang Dong side. Man, there are some slippery bits on the first section. I never see anything on the road, but always manage to slide the back end a time or two. Wakes me right up. The pavement dropping into the Samoeng valley is getting pretty funky. The road seems to be getting narrower and narrower. As I come up to the three way intersection, with the police box, the cop looks me over pretty good. My 1000cc V twin is a touch LOUD. I suspect he could hear me coming for quite a ways. [}:)]

    A quick right at the intersection, and I’m blasting up the mountain. This is my favorite section.[:D] The pavement on this stretch is in much better shape. The sala appears on the left in no time. I pull off and relax a few minutes, taking some shots of the beast. Before long, I’m thundering on up the hill. This is really my kind of road. It reminds me a lot of the roads in the San Francisco area that I learned on; Mt. Tamalpias, Skyline Blvd, Highway 1.

    As I am getting towards the end of the loop, I start thinking about the boring ride home. Mae Sa Falls is on the right. I pull a quick U-turn, and am heading back the way I came. I pass the cop box again, and he is still staring at me. I gave him a nod, and powered up the hill. Before long I have reached the ridiculous switch backs of Krisada Doi pass. It takes first gear, and some slipping of the clutch to manage them. Wonder who thought those up.

    Getting towards the end of the run, my butt is starting to ache. I pull off for a cup of coffee at a roadside café. Sipping my brew and feeling the adrenaline subside, I start to wonder once again – why am I the only one out here?? I feel so lucky to live in Chiang Mai, and have rides like this just minutes away. I saw one mid size dual purpose bike going the other way; that was it. I don’t get it. [?]
  11. You from the bay area?
  12. Yep. Marin Co.
  13. Jeeze David, those pictures you just posted make me want to go NOW! Too bad, it is just too damn hot! Guess I'll have to satisfy myself with another early morning blast tomorrow. [}:)]
  14. Wimpy
    You're lucky it's hot & dry. I'm currently in Perth, West Oz where its blowing a gale, cold (12 celsius) & wet.
    All the more reason why you should always ride as ofetn as possible when in North Thailand.

    Keep The Power On
  15. Cool. I'm in Oakland.

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