Where's This One?

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  1. Anyone know / remember which temple this Buddha is at?


    it's a temple up North, but I can't remember & I need to label it the GT Rider photo gallery.
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    And this one too


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  2. Is the 1st one out of Thaton on the ridgeline :?:
  3. The second one is definitely from Wat Analayo in Phayao.
  4. Sorry lads
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    • Cm das
    • HTWoodson

    about the the slow response, but the answer is
    • yes
    • yes, and
    • yes

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    Thanks, I really was not 100% sure. I have to go back to the Wat Analayo one too, because that really is a beauty.
    CM Das when were you last out there. Have you got any photos to share? As I'd like to put up some more photos to show people what it is like out there.

    Apologies for not replying earlier.
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  5. Hi David,

    I was last at Wat Analayo maybe a year ago. I don't seem to have any pictures of the place - probably because I used to live in Phayao & went there pretty regularly. But I recommend a visit to anyone who's in the area. The temple complex is huge, spread over a couple of hills. In addition to the main Wat, they have all these different temples built in different styles - Indian, Chinese, Lanna, etc. And they also have a huge black standing Buddha, the largest standing Buddha in northern Thailand (maybe in all of Thailand? I can't remember). Wat Analayo is across the lake from the town of Phayao. You could easily spend a day there visiting all the different sites.
  6. Next one.......

    img_5994. img_5996.

    Anyone else seen this elephant-snake temple guardian?
  7. Oh well no takers & no interest.
    Wat Pha Khao Pan. Chiang Saen.
    N20 16.658 E100 05.276

    And another one...
    Buddha with a “sun hut.”

    Any ideas on the temple, where?
  8. Above: The Buddha with a sun hat is at Wat Sang Kaew Photiyan, Ban Pa Tung Ngam, on R118 north of Wiang Pa Pao.

    Now for something different, maybe some some takers....


    anyone seen these beside the road - where is this in North Thailand?
  9. Ugh, I missed Analayo when there. Nice looking temple, grounds, and view. How come she didn't tell me about that one?, showed me everything else. Oh, never mind.
  10. Reviving an old thread....

    anyone know where this one is


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