Which Camera for Touring by Bike?

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  1. Have seen some great photos of various bike trips,and am wondering what type/brand of camera seems to be the most popular?
    Now I normally bring my full frame DSLR when I am travelling,with various lenses,flash and even a tripod sometimes,but obviously not on a bike trip!
    Any recommendations?

    Never really had a decent point and shoot camera before.
  2. Yup,big fan of the viewfinder,extends battery life too!

    I suppose I *could* bring my big camera,just bring the one lens.
    Sigh,so much to do....
  3. Arh a Canon G series - G16 or G1x. All u need for photos on the web. Small compact rugged & shoots raw.

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
  4. Off-road using the Nikon AW100
    There is now a AW110… Shock / Water / Cold proof. Only difference to the AW100 is it has WIFI / BT.


    Wanting a little bit more from my pics and certainly not unhappy with the AW 100..
    Picked up the Nikon AW1.
    Water / Shock and Freeze proof with detachable lenses.


    Have not used this camera in anger yet.. but looking forward to it very soon..

  5. *Arh a Canon G series - G16 or G1x. All u need for photos on the web. Small compact rugged & shoots raw.*

    Canon???? A canon?? In my house?? Nikon fanboy here.
    But I do like the G series.....

    I have been looking for a reason to buy one of the new Nikon AW1 's.....did you buy yours in Bkk??

    Sometimes buy gear at the grey market shop in Pantip (original one).

  6. I've got the Nikon AW110, bought in the US last summer, and it takes good pictures and is very tough; my only complaint is that battery life is quite poor so you'll need to bring along a charger if on the road for more than a couple days...
  7. Purchased at Central World.. Photo Hut or something like that.
    Also have them in MBK.

    Only reason I didn't buy in December was that the model with both lenses was not available in Thailand then.
    It is now.. Around 30,000 baht with both lenses. They had a promo with 2% off.

    Not parallel import.. Legit..
    Nikon has the camera on the Thai website and comes with warranty card.
    The paper manual is in Thai.. English on the CD in PDF format.

  8. Check your WIFI / Blue Tooth is turned off.. This sucks a lot of battery,
    As does the GPS functions such as logging.

    I never had a battery life problem on the trips with the AW100..
    Carry a spare copy battery from Parnthip.. Forget which is the original now :) Rarely had to use it.

  9. Cheers Brian,

    I'll have to double check but I'm pretty sure that by default the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is off on this camera.

    One of the reasons I purchased this model is because of the GPS tagging, Perhaps that is what consumes the battery so quickly?

    Anyway, your idea to carry an extra battery is a good one! Will have to pay Pantip a visit soon!
  10. Thanks Brian,I'll have a look see in Bkk,have bit more than 3 days there before I fly to CM.

    Any requests for a care package from Oz anyone?? Vegemite...Bundy...Aeroplane Jelly etc??

  11. Any requests..... Yes....copies of AMCN + Two Wheels.

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
  12. Even with the VAT here the camera will be cheaper than back home in Australia

    If you are a tourist.. The shop I bought my camera at can give you the VAT refund form to claim back at the airport.

    If you are in Bangkok for a few days.. PM me your email address and we can try and meet up for a beer.
    I work in town.. so pretty convenient to meet for beers along Sukhumvit.

  13. ^ Funny innit how some electronics here, like GPS for example, are so incredibly expensive, yet other things, such as cameras can be found at pretty competitive prices?
  14. Latest Australian Motorcycle mag sourced...Two Wheels to get tomorrow!
  15. good man. some more Fred Gassit on the way...
  16. Have 2 extra bike mags (Australian Road Rider) and a "12 giant pull out poster book".
    Don't feel like dragging them all the way around Laos then up to CM,so if anyone in BKK or Laos or Pak Chong wants them let me know.
    In Bkk now,going to Pak Chong on the 14th,Vientiane on the 15th.

    One of the Road rider mags is December 2012.
  17. Hi Brian,

    I saw the excellent results of your camera on our last trip. Being water and shock proof it certainly seems to be an ideal camera to take pictures while riding. While riding though, getting the camera out, take a picture and putting it back away can be time consuming and troublesome. IMO a strap from Carry Speed or BlackRapid with the Nikon AW1 would be an great combo. The AW1 being shock and dirt proof could withstand a certain degree of impact in case of a fall.

    Chk out review of the CarrySpeed strap at

  18. Well I couldn't decide which small camera to get,so I took my big DSLR with me......sigh...around 8kg strapped to my back for 6 days on Laos roads??
    Anyone know a good chiropractor??

    Unfortunately the camera/lens didn't go too well on the first 2 days of the trip,some horror roas must have shaken the gizmos (tech term) too much and I got quite a few blank photos....f stop zero...but when I hit smoother roads it seemed to work ok.
    Due to the freezing winds we encountered I swung the camera bag around to the front to act as a windbreak,and had the bonus of being much more comfortable.

    Trip report to come,many internet issues right now!
  19. Just fyi Pentax dslrs are smaller, dust and freeze proof and water resistant than the nikons and the canons. The lenses are water resist too, so I think they would be my preferred choice.

    Check out the link, you'll know what I mean
  20. Thanks Poompui, receipt acknowledged of the mags. Picked up from the X-Centre yesterday.
    Many thanks - I'm back up to speed now after reading a copy of AMCN.
  21. No probs,enjoy!

    Flying out of CM today,will be back....had some fun,will post some pics and details when I get back to Oz and edit some pics.
  22. Ive been using the Canon G1X
    for awhile now & this is my indoor low light no flash camera
    Some reviews are here
    Canon PowerShot G1 X Review
    Canon G1 X Review
    Canon G1 X review | TechRadar
    Canon PowerShot G1X

    my outdoor camera for long distance road scenes is the Canon SX60HD

    Some reviews are here
    Canon PowerShot SX60 HS Review: One Amazing Ultrazoom
    Canon PowerShot SX60 HS review | TrustedReviews
    Canon PowerShot SX60 HS: Digital Photography Review
    Canon PowerShot SX60 HS
    Canon PowerShot SX60 HS review | TechRadar

    I'm happy with these two cameras for the use I bought them, but I now find myself wanting a camera with a super wide angle for photographing hairpin bends?
    It has to be a "compact" & maybe the G1X will have to go, if there is a suitable camera for low light no flash photography, that can do both.
    Any suggestions?

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