Which Garmin?: 60csx or 76csx

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  1. I'm finally ready to buy a GPS for my bike(s), although the weak US$ isn't helping me! I'm tired of replacing worn maps...as well as sometimes getting lost ;-)

    Having a GPS similar to what many of the members use will help my rookie learning curve, as well as possibly my being able to utilize some existing tracks.

    An earlier GT-R post by SilverHawkUSA indicated that many of the members use the now discontinued Garmin 60csx which is available at closeout prices.

    OTOH, the Garmon 76csx is basically identical in function and features to the 60csx, with a few exceptions: slightly larger case, marine ready [not important], different button location, and it takes a larger microSD card.

    So, I'm asking the GT-R's GPS mavens for your suggestions and advice.
  2. I had a 76 for awhile. I would not recommend it for motorcycle use, on or off road. The buttons are a real paid, and it's too big. The 60 is much better. Also, the 76 is not ver reliable, the battery connections failed on me, which is a common problem of that unit. The 60 is solid.

  3. Neither!

    Spend the extra money and get a Montana, I think you can pick up the 600 model for about $450 now. The extra cost is absolutely worth it, you wont regret it. Check out the 60+ page thread on advrider.com, it is pretty much billed as the best GPS for adventure touring.
  4. +1 on that. If you have budget, go for it. I got the 600 about a week ago for $499 from the US, and had it out on the trail yesterday. It's great. I saw it for sale at Amarin Place in bangkok for 23,500 or so bahts.
  5. I have the 60cx and the 76cx. West Marine had the 76cx on for $200. Both are very good but as mentioned by mikehohman above, it's best not to rely on the batteries with the 76. Hard wiring it to the motorbike battery is much more reliable. If money matters which ever is cheaper should be a good choice IMHO.
  6. cdrw-

    I did mention the 60CSX is popular; that said, I use the 76csx myself. I had the original 76CS and then upgraded when the CSX came out. Mine was well worn at that point anyway. i can't understand the comments on the buttons being an issue. They are much less "fiddly" than the smaller 60csx. The battery vibration problem did occur in the original model, but I believe that has been fixed. I have mine hardwired on my bike, but I have used it on battery power in the X-Centre's off road buggies without any problem.

    The 76, in my opinion, is the best if you are doing serious tracks or mapping. You can configure it in many different ways to suit you needs or preference, something you can't do with the models that are more car oriented, including the Zumo's (which I also have one). I use the Zumo for easy point A to point B highway riding just because I can see the screen easier. I have also had the screen fail, the cradle short out from water, and it always seems to malfunction in dusty off road conditions.

    David Unkovich also uses the 76 and we have done a lot of mapping and riding with them, and they seem more reliable than some of the others models. The 60csx is more compact and I think that is why it is more popular. For me, and my eyes, bigger is better.
  7. I love my 60csx.. And love its battery life if used without being hardwired, portability, toughness.. Its just been exactly the tool for the job. Until recently I havent wanted any other model.

    But the new Montana ?? Thats the first one thats made me want to upgrade. I can see treating myself somewhere down the line.
  8. FWIW: Update
    Being a cheap charlie, the final decision was easy.
    Opted for the 76csx as it has the same software and functions near identically to the 60csx,
    plus the 76csx is also for marine use.

    Thanks to those that offered suggestions. Fortunately, there's many online sites to assist with my next hurdle: learning how to use it ;-)
  9. Congrats on the 76CSX. I am on my 3rd 76CSX.
  10. Today, I was feeling ANXIOUS...!!
    I had the GPS & RAM mount suppliers send them to my sister, who repackaged and mailed them to me over a month ago! She sent the package USPS Priority (5-7-day dely), but used the least expensive Priority mail (under 4-lbs) which is uninsured and doesn't have tracking!!
    I'd hoped a postal worker hasn't 'borrowed' it...and it's just the BKK floods delaying delivery. :-(

    Update...no more anxiety:
    Well after posting this yesterday, I tried but was unable to _delete_ the above post as...
    the package arrived today (delivery took 5-weeks!)...and NO Customs duty!!
    Yep, I'm one happy camper!!
  11. I can't help only seeing recommendations for the more expensive models. Fair enough, BUT does that mean that the entry models simply won't do?

    My intial thought is to either buy one of those colour display eTrex Garmins with sd-slot (understand that is needed to get the Laos map on it) OR just to go without GPS for a while.

    is the eTrex no good?

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