Which Roads are the Fastest in Thailand?

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  1. I've looked through the regional sections quite a bit, and there's some great info, but I'd like to know which roads have some of the fastest sweepers and high-visibility straight sections.

    I'm going to buy a bike built for the really tight stuff sometime next year, but I'm going to take some trips on my ZX-14R before that, and I'd like to stretch it out a bit- I don't mind hustling it through the twisties, but that's not really its intended purpose- I'm looking for some roads that are suitable to let it do what it was designed for. I'm not talking about riding like an idiot and I'm not a kid with his first big bike- I'm just looking for some reasonably safe (yes, I realize I'm talking about Thailand...) places to give the throttle a bit of a twist.;)

    Any areas are fine- I'm in Suratthani, but I can go anywhere in Thailand- if it's a real slog through some less than ideal riding, I can toss the bike on my trailer.

    Any suggestions as far as roads go would be appreciated.
  2. So many to choose, but I had a good time on the 1256/Doi Phu Kha loop. Some decent sweepers can be taken at speed on that. Then you have the 1148 East of Phayao and the 105/108 North of Mae Sot. All great moto roads but not really meant for pinning the speedo. For that I would imagine just hitting the superslab in the provinces would suffice. Or a track day.
  3. Thanks for the road suggestions- I will add them to my list of potential places to ride. I'm looking for a bit more than just hitting the highway, but I also don't want 100 miles of hairpins on this bike- I'm thinking about a KTM 690 Duke for that.

    This isn't really the bike for a track day (I rode my Hayabusa on the 'Streets of Willow' course once and it was just too tight for the bike- I doubt I'd get out of 3rd gear on the 14R on any track in LOS)- now, a nice 600RR would be a different story.;)

    In in any case I'm not planning on treating the street like a track- I'm just looking for some roads that are a bit more open than some of the really tight stuff I've read about (though I plan to ride those roads as well, just probably not on my current bike).
  4. Number 1 from Phayao to Lampang has some Really Fast Sections and it has the Barrier separating the Opposite Lanes so stops the Suicide Jockeys on sidecars and Scooters Crossing!
    Number 11 from Phitsanulok to Uttaradit would have to be one of the Fastest I have Ridden? Great Surface, Huge Straights and Massive High Speed Sweepers! Serious Speed!
    You can also do a High Speed Run straight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, only downside to this is Mini Vans and Possibly Police although funnily I have never been stopped on My Bike only the Car which I am Travel Slower in??? All Great Roads for the Mighty ZX14. Enjoy Sir and Maybe See You in Chiang Mai one Day?
  5. Great info- thank you, Ian.;)

    I plan to hit Chiang Mai again soon- the last time I rode there it was on a XR-250R supermoto, and it was a lot of fun (great roads)- it would be nice to get back on something bigger.

    No doubt I'd be trailering the bike if I do go as the wife will have me bring back a load of furniture...:)
  6. You gotta put the 120 on your short list:

    Also, Highway 12, aka "Nam Nao Circuit" ;)

    ^ Versys needs about 20 more ponies for this road!

    Gixxer much more appropriate!

    Honorable mention: the construction is finally finished on Highway 11 and from Uttaradit to Den Chai it's a wonderful race track of a road!

    WOOT! :happy5:
  7. The BKK Tollway at night. :)
  8. On a motard maybe, too slippery for a super bike...
  9. Have to say that the 12 is one of the best in Thailand (at least what I know).
  10. Excellent- all road suggestions are going in my notes.;)
  11. The 12 from Lom Sak to Phitsanulok
    The 304 over the hills at Wang Nam Khiaw between Kabin Buri and Pak Thong Chai
    The 4 from north of Phuket (Takua Pa) to Chumpon
    The 107 Mae Taeng to Fang
    The 118 Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai
    The 11 Lamphun to Lampang
    The 318 Trat to Khlong Yai

    The list goes on..........
  12. A lot of them are fast and clear with much better views then the uk as less road side furniture generally ,but as your no doubt aware you never now what's round the next hazard, but the northern loops are very quick and good surfaces
    Have a great ride
  13. rumour has it that Pattaya beach road is the fastest road in Thailand for fast riding big bikes ,,,,,,to make a fool of yourself on !!!!!!!!
  14. Again, thanks- it's been a few years since I've ridden up north (as a follower- this time I'll probably be on my own), and I don't want to find myself on a decrepit dirt road wishing I were on a dual-sport.;)

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