Who is riding and where after Songkran?

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  1. Hi guys & Girls

    Now since im mobile again, who is riding and where after this madness holidays?

    i think i will be in CM on 23rd as Franz might have party on his house, but not yet 100% confirmed,, so that direction before that would be nice

    i been thinking as i need to drop by in Bkk for few days, so i could leave home on 18th and then 20-21 from Bkk to Kantchanaburi and from there slowely to CM

    just an idea,, whats yours and if you wanna take few beer's let me know

  2. Marco, as confirmed in another post in Events, Party will be on Sat 24th of April. I'm intending to ride down south a little and meet up with you guys like yourself and TonyBkk, either Tak way or Uttaradit...........just now sitting locked up & well supplied in my house and still reeling from aches in my chest,shoulder&breast.........cheers, Franz
  3. OK Franz...

    I'll PM you
  4. Franz , Plan a stop over for at least a lunch in Nakwan in case you're passing by..... best would be some dates so i can arrange time too.
    happy trails,

  5. Reinhard, thanks, but Nawan is later on my menue when I go down the Rayong way in the last week of April !! This time I'm gonna go as far as Tak or U'dit only to meet up some guys. Cheers, Franz
  6. Have a ToyRide meeting on the 20th but am up for a ride anywhere for a few days after that
  7. I have just got my bike back on the road again and will start of slowly with a recon ride down to chong mek as soon as this madness finishes.

    Once I get my online business sorted I will be up for bigger rides and hopefully meeting some of you.
  8. Congratulations on getting your bike back on the road.
    If you want to post a photo of it, & I'm sure many guys would like to see it, post it here



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