Why We Ride :- Pbb - Enduro. New Years Eve Ride..

Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand Motorcycle Trip Report Forum' started by brian_bkk, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. WHY WE RIDE :- Pattaya Bad Boy Enduro - New Years Eve Ride..

    Also the funniest ride of the year..

    I needed a break when every one was up the hill as my ribs were sore from 30 mins of entertainment and non stop laughter...

    Brilliant fun..

    Great day, great bunch of guys.. What it is all about in my books..

    Cheers and Happy New Year...

  2. Great way to kick off the new year Brian.
    Tricky hill for sure...no run up, and as always it never looks as steep as what it is on video.
    Roll on,....and roll backwards too.

  3. Cheers Rexy and Goran.
    Really was a fun day.
    Very happy to be on the TE 300 .. twist the wrist slip the clutch and straight up she went through the middle over the big rock.

    The klx like the crf's would have been a struggle.

    Very slippery conditions. The trees are still lush green from the late rainy season. But all the long grass is dieing or dead. Like hay on the trails. Nearly washed out a few times.

    Going down steep hill. Rear brake and bike was going sideways. Bales of hay under the rear in seconds..

    Great way to see off the old year and welcome the new year.

  4. The only time you see how steep it is.. when "the good" Phil is perched on the rock.. then discounts.. also when he goes back down the hill to look for one of the riders stuck around the bend

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