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  1. watched this movie today and remembered those of you who were brave enough to take the plunge and chuck the city and reside where you're at now.

    the movie is about 4 men who feel trapped in the rat race. The're bikers but city slicker/suburbia bikers.

    Someone once wrote life is a matter of choice: whether you would be bancrupt of money or bancrupt of life?

    Most of you who are not bancrupt of life. The rest of us will probably dream of breaking out of the system but only a few will actually do something about it. The scent of freedom is absent when one is caught in the rat race. But most of you live it everyday. Incredible feeling, no? The main reason i signed up on this board was to at least read about others who are living a different life. Before it's too late, i hope I will once again break out of the system...
  2. Hi Suzi,

    We recently saw the film too (blagged some free preview tickets) and although not likely to challenge the Wild Ones in the motorcycle Hall of Fame, it was a good laugh.

    Guest appearance by the ol' Easy Rider himself was a surprise..

    You are however absolutely right, many of us read with envy the daily exploits of the real GT Riders. I make excuses from responsibilities to money to age to time of year but at the end of the day I think it's just about cahoonas!


  3. As far as I'm concered, if you're on this board and you contribute, not just take, then you are a GT-Rider!
  4. Tomo

    Ok, please excuse my ignorance but that old guy at the end of the movie is the 'easy Rider".? N who is he. I don't know about these things...

    My friends in VTE mostly with some NGO or other, owned really cool bikes and the photos they bought back were gorgeous. Incidentally, I thought John travolta and Martin lawrence were hilarious.
  5. Dave,
    All of us who can't chuck and run (for reasons that won't go away),we appreciate the acknowledgement.Thank you.
  6. Ok, if you haven't seen the film and are likely to DON'T read on...

    Hi Suzi,

    The old guy who came on at the end was Pete Fonda who starred alongside Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. It was a 70's (60's?) cult movie which probably always worked better if you were stoned during the viewing..

    You probably noticed the Orange County Choppers crew putting in an appearance too (early in the film). Probably buddies of Mr.Travolta one might suspect!


  7. The movie is to begin showing here 10 May I believe.
  8. Tomo,
    Thanks, for the enlightenment.[:)]
    My familiarity with Hollywood productions does not go beyond The High Chapparral, Big Valley, The Mod Squad, The Fugitive,Streets of SF, Ironside and yes, Pettycoat Junction and i Dream of Genie. [:D]. I don't think I ever saw any Peter Fonda movies.

    In place of a good Catholic education, my mom screened what we watched at home. laugh. same results.
  9. Hi Suz, after you see "Easy rider", look for the 70s Aussie cult biker movie called "Stone", if you cant down load it give me a buzz an I'll burn you a copy, But remember it was the 70s, no graphics, or special effex.....Scott
  10. Hi Scott,

    Assume you've seen On Any Sunday? Suzi, you may not have done but if you happen across it then it's worth a look - documentary type film based around early 70's US bike scene, loosely featuring the late great Steve McQueen.

    I'm probably biased though as I remember seeing it first in the early seventies and wishing I WAS SMQ...

    Don't think I know Stone - must check it out.


  11. thanks, Scott. i'll try downloading both Easy Rider and Stone first. will let you know if my attempts fail. (I use the internet the way i use my car... and i am the typical female car owner. laugh.)
  12. In 1995 they had a 25th aniversary ride of Stone, riding from Sydney to Newcastle re-inacting the ride on the film.

    The police reckoned there were about 25,000 bikes in the ride, I took part, and they had a few movie stars etc, and some bikes specially painted for the event.

    we only made it half way to Newcastle as some lady in a tin top tried to merge in traffic with the bikes, and sent a couple of bikes heading for the bush.

    the whole expressway north was blocked for hours, shame as it was a good ride so far.
  13. been away caught up with work.

    So, Dave. did you actually catch the movie? Not a true biker movie but...
  14. Last I checked it still wasn't due showing Spider Man 3 in almost every available theater. More of a money maker at the moment.
  15. Check out "Ghost Rider". Nicholas Cage, Buell stunt bike, panhead H-D chop, and Peter Fonda. Won't say more but take your brain out, suspend belief and enjoy - I know I did [:D]


  16. Yup, I saw that too. Sam Elliot is still as sexy as ever.

    Caught Pirates Of the Caribbean 3 the night before.. Better then 2nd sequel. Unexpected twist at the end. Not rocket science content either but was just fun and then of course, there's my girly reason... Johnnny Depp. Laugh
  17. BP,
    Do you refer to the 4 men of suburbia? I suppose, prolonged city life neutralizes the macho or rugged features of men. I have 4 bizmen associates who have killer instincts at their trade and really well read men, but my instincts tell me they most likely can't endure much physical pain, are squemish and have never been on an outdoor adventure (even at amateur level). Sad.. but on the other hand, should be fun to rattle their cage. Now there's an idea to be exploited. Been bored enough. [}:)]

    It's a whole year since I returned from Laos, land of the free... you have no idea how HARD it's been to re adjust.
  18. BP,
    "Brokeback Mountain" have heard of but didn't have courage to watch. What's "The Crying Game" about?

    And just so we remain politically correct on the technicality that this thread is (even if remotely,) related to biking :

    What did you think of the bikes on HellRider? Like most women, i don't have a clue of the make but it looked pretty impressive. [:D]

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