Will bring GPS to sell when I come to Chang Mai

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  1. If anyone is interested, I am planning a trip to Chang Mai in October. I will rent a bike and plan on buying a GPS to bring along. I already have the Thailand map set from Garmin...and will want to part with both when I leave. If anyone is interested, let me know what GPS they would prefer I bring.

    I have a Zumo for here in the states...but don't want to bring that along.
  2. I dont need as i have Zumo 550, as that is made for bikes,,,

    together with bike gradal..

    that should be good joice,,im sure lot of guys would be intrested of it.

    what thai map you have?i mean what edition?
  3. Ok..maybe I will just bring thee Zumo 550 along. The mapset I have and will be for sale is the thailand city navigator V.8.0

    WILL be looking for bike rental 250-400 street and a riding partner out of Chang Mai. I am from U.S. and ride a BMW R1200RT here in the states.

    I am a little (eh em) older at 50, but still like to drink those beers and have fun.

    GREAT site by the way!
  4. Tetz

    old??? what is old,, thats nothing as im pushing that direction as well..

    if you head or get lost to Isaan part, let me know and we can take few brews as well :wink:
  5. Tetz, just for curiosity's sake: How much would you need for a Zumo 550 including the city navigator V.8.0?
  6. Heck your still a babe in the woods. let us know when your going to get here. You might end up with more then one ride partner. Thats a good time of year for the loop again. GPS or not get Davids map you will have a lot more fun.

    Best few hundred baht you will spend while your here well maybe second best LOL

  7. Wow, how things changed for me. My trip fell thru for October and I am now on for March. I am hoping smoke will not be a problem.

    Still looking for a riding partner. OR at least let me know where I can hook up with a group going out for some day rides.

    Will bring along my Zumo. Can't wait and I hope I can hook up with one or two of you.

    First round or two will be on me!!!

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