Win the race against nearly 90 Thaiman.....

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  1. It was 1988 I was on Phuket. On a sunday I heard there is a ralley on Phuket Island for motorbikes. The organisation by the Lion Club. So I rent a Honda 250 ccm Enduro. Pay 500 Baht for fee. In this time most streets are off road. Some roads very difficult. But I know Phuet Island very well. The ralley was nearly 5 hours. Some place they had a checkpoint. We must stop for a stamp. Thaiboys dont interst for stamps only ride fast and furious. Late afternonn the ceremony for winners. I win that was funny. I got a trophy, 5000 Baht (I shared it in the next few nights with nice Bar girls !!!!! )...and 3 liter Castrol Oel.





    The winner bike.


    The road from Patong Beach to Katha.




    Until now I keep this ugly trophy in my house in Germany. It was a crazy time I will never forget it.

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