Wind West Pub Vientiane Closing

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  1. The Wind West Pub in Vientiane will be closing at the end of April 2009, when the lease expires.
    Wind West has been open 17 years in Vte & has become a bit of a legendary establishment for good music & a good night out in Vte, with late closing.

    I'd be interested in getting a group ride together for the closing down party if anyone is interested.

    Moto-Rex shows what you do when the beer runs out in the Wind West - have a Spy.

    Miss Tukta, the bartendee legend at the Wind West. A valid reason for visiting the Wind West.
  2. Oh well, could not resist:


    Evidence that the Wind West has been around for 17 years, amongst other things.. :wink:
  3. Wind West's lease has been extended for another year. You can all breath again now.
    Moto-Rex while you're in Vte pop in & say hello to you know who for me.
  4. Evidence it is still going strong


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