Women. Speechless!

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  1. When people don't get enough attention they might go looking for a new toy to play with?

    Well the HGLG/F Singer expressed an interest in the Kawa KSR a few days & I shrugged the idea off - silly, a waste, a novelty bike.....(the list is endless)

    So 48 hrs later, I realised that when a woman wants something............


    330122131_Lx7EG-S. 330122062_TKwL6-S.

    I remain speechless. The Honda Dream's gone, she's as happy as & it had absolutely nothing to with me.


    What a wonderful country to be in!!
  2. I just had the same conversation not more than 5 minutes ago.
    At least I talked her out of a FINO, but she ain't budging when it comes to the little kawasaki.
    I feel ya...
  3. I am facing the same issue guys. She has hinted the Fino and got a damning, redhibitory NO.
    So now I have to compromise and the KSR or the Sachs Madass could be it. The later being grossly underpowered according to other threads on this forum and on Thaivisa.com
    Keep us posted please about the KSR...
  4. Old Thai expression: Water on a stone.

    I'm afraid I surrendered with as much dignity as possible. She now has a Honda Air Blade. 'nuff said.
  5. David, I can understand you're little upset. Through all my years in LOS and several B/F's gone so always did the Waves and Sparks, now I intended to have the SRX for this purpose (to heavy and complicated to take upcountry) but what I got yesterday was something like "mai aow loei, yahk dai Fino rue KSR". So what it will be next I don't know but one things for sure the next one will be registered in my name. Tired of giving away 12+ motorcycles already........Anyway I told him that there's a lot of restored vintage C100 or 90's out there what just made me look for hours at an icecold shoulder......let's put a bet on C100 (0
    %)-KSR (33%)-Fino (34%)-Nuovo (33%) won't we ?............just another case of TiT
  6. "Onna no kokoro, aki sora", as the Japanese say: A woman's heart is like the weather in spring...
    But talking about the KSR, the bike is a step in the right direction since there's no other small cheap enduro available. I loved it at first sight, but then reality set in: an air cooled 110cc engine, and then the price! How much is it now, almost as much as a watercooled 4 valve CBR 150R! Forget it.
    If Kawasaki would have decided to use the 175cc Boss motor, which is not a cruiser motor, I would be riding one today.
    Since the demise of the Honda MTX 125 two-stroke there hasn't been a decent enduro for sale at any dealership, which is a shame. I'd pay 65K anytime for an aluminum framed "XR150L" with a detuned CBR engine...
  7. David,
    I have finally circumbed to the ladies from the LOS.
    She is now part of the furniture of my house in Samui.
    Last May, she asked me to buy her a pink 125 Suzuki Auto Scooter so she could go to the markets etc. Got a good deal at 32,000bht. Reg and Garantee.
    I thought it strange that she didn't ride it home.
    Turns out she is the only bird in Thailand who can't ride a bloody bike.
    Fell off first ride, 1000bht damage and a trip to hospital with a "Samui Tatoo".
    It now sits in the lounge room untill I get back in 5 weeks.

    See you soon
  8. Gotta get a laugh out of your non riding girlfriend, as I did exactly the same thing. Christmas was coming up a couple of years ago, so in a moment of generosity I go out and buy a brand new Honda Dream. Pick up it myself, anticipating the wonderful moment of surprise when she saw it. After a few moments of excited surprise, she then informed me she could not ride either......
    So now it sits at a farm in Isan.
  9. Sounds familiar. Years ago in the UK I bought a Honda CG125 for my (now ex) wife and she toodled around on that for quite a while. After in a similar moment of generosity (what's with us???) I bought her a tidy little BSA C15 250. Proud as punch I gave it to her, she swooned and oohed and ahhed but could not for the life of her kick start it. I swapped it with a farmer friend for a dog! 14 years later I don't have the wife but the dog is still around - must be a moral in there somewhere......




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