Words of Thanks


Nov 17, 2004
I have pretty much been homeless and unemployed for quite some time and when I come to CNX, Phomn Penh, Siem Riep Mukdahan, Chaing Rai, Vientiene, Savanakhet and even Pattaya - it's a welcome that I really enjoy. Being on the road around here can be trying at times.

5 Stars to Jim and Steve at California 2 for a great hotel, fine eats, cheap beer and a huge tolerance for drunken debachery. Sharky's gets the nod as well for a good staff but killer Mexican food. Then there are the diversions.

SR: Mom's Guesthouse does me well and takes great care of the bike when I am there. I wake each day and it is washed and polished. Victoria Angkor also rates for letting me use the salt water pool, Thanks Christian. Dead Fish gets great marks for a laid back place to feed crocs and get hammered.

Dragon Guesthouse is where I usually stay and while these guys are more interested in X Box, the rooms are quiet, clean, great tea in the morning, cheap laundry, and damn cold beers. Bo Penh Yang(spelling) is the place to hang for me and eat - consume vast quantities of Long Island Ice Teas and relax. Mr. Fuark goes without saying for me, he's a clever mechanic who worked on my Minsk very well and also altered my 25 Degree to make it ride 10 times better with some funky shock welding.

Savanbanho has no ho's but is an easy place to crash. While some lose or loose the cherry at Mekong Hotel, I prefer something a little more - well - less used. Nuff said. Mr. Louis in Savanakhet is also a lifesaver mechanic. While he is limited on parts, again his work is well above board. Lao Paris serves some of the fines measures of Black Lable I have ever seen and the soup is excellent. Our friends at customs are some of the most relaxed people I have ever met. I was even waved thru once and told to come back later after I had eaten and had a shower(maybe stunk?)

Scott and Mr. Dao(?) are great people at Siam Racing. The staff at the Diamond Hotel were kind enough to help me to my room one fateful night - far too much tequila.

The staff of the Ploy rock. I've stayed there 5 times and they remember my name, send extra cold beer to the room on arrival and don't care if I check out at 16:00. An unnamed food joint behind the Esso Station that has a garden cafe also are up there. Food is great, service excellent. Mr. Sombarte(sp) the Thai customs officer that fills out the export/import papers is a star. He needs about 5 minutes to warm up but then won't stop talking about discos and young girls.

Chaing Rai:
Baan Bua Guesthouse. Secure, clean, relaxed. No TV is a plus.

Davidfl, Jeff, Dr. Gregory, Dave(silverhawk) and all those that I met there were very welcoming each time. I especially dig Jeff's bar for some reason as well as Kafe, and StarSix.

Coming to each of these places repeatedly makes me feel like the road goes on forever and it's a damn good thing.

Ride Safe